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15 June, 2009

Circles of Friends.

How many friends do you need?

I love making friends after I moved here in USA, also after I am independent from my original family. I seem cannot stop making new friends now. I would assume my mom definitely has something to do w/ it.

When I was young, I focus on pursuing my education. My mom said, you don't need many friends, just concentrate on your study, ONE day, you will make friends of your own. She also is very selective about friends around me.

So, I listened to her. I seldom invite friends home since my mom disapproved it most of the time. Then I study a lot other than my other activities which would not have to have friends involved. I guess most of Asia family is like my family. Study hard is the only way to lead you a successful life in the future.

Well, I am glad I turn into "me" just fine w/o having a social disability. hahahaha.........

And now I want to make lots of, lots of circles of friends!! I invited friends for party a lot and even my DH can't stand it sometimes. haha.....

We went to B.B.Q. at Steven Canyon in Saratoga/Cupertino city last weekend. You can also rent a kayak or bring a raft of your own to drift on the lake. I love the spot where there are lots of shades to block the sun and a great lake view to enjoy Saturday afternoon w/ friends.

It took me almost an hour to set up the fire (w/ DH's help) and I blame it to the charcoal being stored in the garage for too long and thus, too much moist. :)

My ODJ on Sat.

1. TOP: gray boyfriend t-shirt from URBN (must tie a knot for a sexy, and feminine look. :))
2. BOTTOM: Levis turquoise skinny jeans
3. Shoes: Purple flip flop bought in Taipei
  • Chloe sunglasses
  • Cora star fish Vintage earrings
  • Gold mini disc necklace from Anthropologies
  • Couple bangles
  • Chanel 08 Gray classic jumbo
Now it is my everyday bag.

Tools are the most important thing when doing B.B.Q. outdoor.

Kids all embraced by nature.

Even though it is summer, but it is so chill by the lake and under the shade. Thanks to Judy that she brought her portable milk foam making pot so we can drink our home-made latte while B.B.Qing marshmallow too.

High school pal, Judy (right) and her friend, Sherry, now is my friend too. :)


Purse Addict said...'re the most fashionable bbq-er the world has ever seen!!!

Julia said...

purse-addict said it...

i would have to wear Bernuda shorts/capri/non-skinny jeans, and sneakers(not gucci/tod's sneakers though) for a lake BBQ upon my husband's request.

no chanel bag to a BBQ activity for me. i stopped getting more chanel bags in fact... whenever i saw a new style i like, i think about the bags i already have and i have not used them much at all...

litlstrawberry said...

haha...thanks, purse.
I thought that ensemble was very casual yet stylish and I know I would feel very confident and sexy in it. I like the turquoise blue jeans a lot which highlights my long legs. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia:
How have you been?

The weather here in north Cal. is so chill that we have to bring coats to SF city this morning. My mom said that this year we have two MAY according to Chinese Lunar Calendar and that's why the weather is still cooler in June. It is pretty amazing that our ancestors figured out how to follow the sun..moon....

Oh, speaking of Chanel either. I am in a hibernating mood in buying BAGS. Not even Chanel at this time, that's why I didn't even bother to score things during Chanel sale nor stopping by boutique in Taipei. We are in the same MOOD. heheh...

So, why not use your GST more often, it quite suits your style. :)

I seem can't settle too casual style as I really like to look "stylish" all the time. well...except for going to bed. I don't even have a whole pair of sweater shirt and pants from Juicy since that's the most stylish, flatter casual wear to all of us. haha... I wear very sluggish t-shirt and sweat pants instead. I don't see the necessary to buy them to look stylish in my case. :)

I saw a pair of sneaker from see by Chloe and thing of it before I went to Taiwan it probably is all gone. You will see it if you go to Last Sat. I don't have time to switch bag when doing BBQ . nor having time to find a substitute for that Gray jumbo as I think it goes so I simply grab it w/ me. That's why I put it aside on the chair.


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