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01 June, 2009

Day 8 In Taipei~ My Bvlgari Inspired Jewelry!

Thanks to my gal, Isabel, who introduces me a incredible jewelry dealer in Taipei. I bought a set of Bvlgari Inspired earrings and ring. They are so gorgeous just by looking at them not mention when the moment I put them on. I am feeling so sexy and elegant. Yah.....I feel like walking on the Red Carpet. hahahah...

So, this will be my upcoming birthday gift from DH. Thanks my darling DH who works so hard to keep up my beginning journey of jewelry collecting.

They are sapphire of different colors w/ paved diamond.

The pastel color of sapphire is great for wearing all year round.

The light pink and lavender flower is movable.

The earrings can be a studded one.


Qian said...

so beautiful these jewelry. You are so lucky. is the diamond ring tiffany's? as i have the almost same shape one.

Now reading your blog becomes my routine. haha.

milkshake214 said...

wow... they are beautiful!! i'm normally not a big jewelry person, but wow... i need to go back to the mommy thread to check out isabel's modeling. share share! which jeweler?? :P

Betsy said...


R - this ring is so pretty! Is the craftsmanship pretty good on the details? It sure looks fantastic on your pictures. Those colors will go so well with the summer/spring wardrobe. Can't wait to see what you do with this beautiful birthday present from DH.

And I agree with Nancy, you and Izy have to share this little secret for those of us who might be returning back to TPE in the near future. :)

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Very nice!!! I am very excited for you and can't wait to see how you pair your new jewelries... My ring and earrings are similar but not exactly the same - another reason why I like this jeweler because her stuffs are one of a kind.

White Lily said...

Love these!
I love the soft colors, and the design, happy birthday by the way!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, girls:
So ...diamond is every woman's best friend...haha...even though they are only sapphire.

I just got back from Hwalien w/ my family. It is such a small city w/ nature scenic view.


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