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Day 13 in Taipei: Flip Flops!!

I found that Stella Luna flat was biting my ankles yesterday when the weather gets warmer. Hopefully, they will fit perfectly after we go back to USA or at least w/ the fact that I remember they fit nicely when the first time I tried them on.

I am going to pair my zebra flat w/ my Chanel matte white reissue in 227 back in USA.

You know, in this whole trip in Taiwan, I am very impressed by local designers from clothes, shoes, to accessories ...especially our natives hand-made accessory w/ slightly touch of design. I must say, it is great to travel, just so you can be open-minded, to broaden your horizon and to experience the life, to taste everything to tingle your tougue and to appreciate everything in the world. How nice that I am in love again w/ my hometown, Taiwan. How wonderful to see a country revolving in everything.

Yesterday's ODJ.

1. TOP:
  • Zara pink tank (I think I need to buy another one, I almost wear it in every outfit.)
  • So Nice black vest w/ sheer fabric trim and back
2. BOTTOM: IROO fuchsia bubble skirt
3. SHOES: Stella Luna zebra flat
  • Chloe sunglasses
  • Balenciaga Violet part-time
I should have worn necklace or earrings but guess I forgot.

Flats is always mom's favorite but I seldom wear flats, sneakers nor flip flops. I just like heels better even though I am tall enough which would look great w/ any outfit. The truth is that sometimes I even hate "flip flops".


When I was 10, my mom forced me to wear the same brown woven sandal/flip flop as my brother when we go out w/ my parents' friends. You know, when the moment I saw all the girls at my age wear pink, red, baby blue shoes I suddenly felt my feet are ugly and even I felt myself looks very ugly right there. I don't remember why I hated that brown woven flip flops so much back then but maybe that's the reason I don't like brown color in particular.....unless it is a very pretty brown IMO ...Is it a trauma?? haha..Maybe! But now it is all different, flip flop is a trend (in Taiwan) and since all the flip flops are designed so pretty, I guess the trauma of hating them are all gone by now.

See, I am looking all wet and oily on face due to the humid weather in Taipei.
ps. My dad is our chauffeur everyday... *<*hehehehe......

You know, I can't bare wearing heels today and felt like wearing slippers. There I bought two pairs of flip flops which I think they will go well w/ dresses, jeans, skirts....etc.

Finally I have flip flops to let me keep up my style. :)

This pair is made in India.

This pair is made in China.


Betsy said…
Rachel - Time sure flies when you are having fun, doesn't it. Can't believe you'll be heading back here so soon. I totally agree with you on the locally-designed jewelry and little knick knacks. I enjoy looking at what local artists can come up with too.

Speaking of art and culture, have you had a chance to check out the ceramics center at Ying-Geh? I've heard it can be fun for kids too b/c they can make hand print ceramic plates and stuff. I'm thinking of going when we visit Taiwan in the future.

Can't wait to see all your pictures of your loot when you get back. ;)
Anonymous said…
Wow, I love how the shoes totally clash with the outfit. I can't wear flats though, I hate my sensitive feet.
Hi Rachel!! Oh thanks so much for telling me about your Zebra flats in your other post! Not too late dear! I've now ordered size 10. So, I think they will fit in humid weather here where my feet will be larger. But I will only get them in October when I go back to Manila. So, no zebra flats to wear will wait till winter.

BTW, love your color palettes for the ensemble! blush + bright pink + black + zebra flats! I like the structure of your skirt very much. not too bubbly yet "bubble" enough for that "umph"! I sure wish I have your legs so that I can wear short skirts! Anyway, I have a similar vest like your black vest but in gray color (not sheer at the trims though). These days, I am so busy with my son's education that I have no mood to "model" anything. LOL!! Maybe next week or so.

Speaking of modeling, I was just informed by Charm that our mommy's thread has been closed by NAT!! Oh no! I guess there are too much O.T. chats again there....LOL!! So, we have to wait for you to come back and open a new thread again. I haven't visited the thread for quite some time as I find it really hard to catch up with the speed there. LOL!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Taipei! Have fun and take care!

BTW, Rachel, I have to leave this comment. Can you tell your papa that he's very handsome!! He really is! :D

White Lily said…
I love the silver sandals!!!
isabel said…
Rachel - You look really cute! I met up with the jeweler yesterday and I told her about your blog... She thinks you are doing a fantastic job marketing her products. She mentioned that you are meeting up with her when she visits San Jose?
orihime said…
hi R姊 (if I may call you that) :)

I love your outfit with the zebra flats! I have a similar pair from tory burch but I never know what to wear with them. I like the look of pink with the zebra print!

I hope you are enjoying your trip in Taiwan so far :) It looks like you are with all the cute shoes that you have bought so far. I really like all of them! Please have a safe trip back to CA.

I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at all of your outfits, especially during finals week when I want to take a break :)
litlstrawberry said…
We are heading back to USA tomorrow night....yah....I kinda off miss our house and friends there. :)

..... These past days we are taking kids to swimming, BabyBoss at living ball, have dinner w/ relatives.......and arrange some meet-up back home in Cupertino too.

hah...Betsy: I don't know about Ying-Geh...what's that?
Esther: yah..when I have my first son reached 4 mo. I am pregnant w/ second and then when she is 20mon. I had my 3rd. ...well, I think 1 or 2 more year I will be able to take them travel all over the world w/o problems. haha....yah, I love travel and I can't leave them alone at home or my parents.

Michelle: Great that you order bigger size and hopefully mine will fit perfectly in USA when my feet shrink back. hahah..
oh, I did tell my DAD about your comment ..haha...yah, he will look much younger if he dyes his hair ...haha... Oh, my friend, Pei, comments the same thing about my dad. haha....
Hey, sis:
yes, I will see if we will meet in my house ...I might call my friends and see if they have time to look at the jewelry. :)


hi, lily: yes, I wear that sandal yesterday and today. Very comfy. :>


Hey, orihime: of course. In fact, my cousins all call me R姊. I am the oldest among them. Now they all become my kids' aunties (the youngest one is only 10 grade :P, uncles......they seem can't quite used to it. hahah......
mespetites said…
My family is from Taipei too! I love your blog, I just found it. So adorable!!

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