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10 May, 2011

Fun Suiting Part II!!

If I go back to be an OL (office lady) in the future, I'd wear something like this suit look everyday!! ha... The chance is it will never happen......  I am such a free spirit person that I can never settle down for a fix-hour job!! {=^.^=}

I like looking sexy and feminine so I am almost opt for tanks to reveal my shoulders instead of t-shirt. I think camisole is even better, with lace, you are 100% woman even in suit looks!




MY outfit Du Jour

1. Top:
Betsy Johnson white lace trim camisole
So nice (Taiwan) vest with sheer panel at front and back 

2. Bottom:
Y-3 big pocket cropped pants

3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer large safety pink with blue beads/blue spacer bracelet and large safety pin with yellow spacer, multiple colored beads necklace 
Hermes Rubis Lindy 30cm

4. Shoe:
Sergio Rossi Red shoes with ankle strap


You know, you must have lots of knickknacks like tanks, cami. and get as much colors and styles as you want ... they are great essentials as well as accessories to jazz up your whole look!!

Have fun with classic suit look!!
xoxo Rachel


Charles said...

Love the vest!

litlstrawberry said...

thx, dear. A intriguing vest is a great accessory!!


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