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09 May, 2011

The Best Mother's Day Ever...a trip to Sterling Vineyard, Napa!!

An unforgettable day to tote my {new baby} around at Sterling Vineyard on Mother's Day!! 

NOTE: new baby is my Mother's Day gift of Hermes Rubis Lindy 30!! {=^.^=} {I am super ecstatic....}

{Bought a case of 2009 Bianca sweet white wine and gifted a dessert wine from GRGICH HILLS by generous Eric (Irene's hubby) for my Mother's day gift sweet, Eric! }

I am going through a RED craze since last year!! First, I bought 10A Chanel Rouge reissue 226 with distressed silver HW, then this year 11P Rouge Fonce reissue 226 with gold HW and now Hermes Rubis Lindy!! {11P Rouge Fonce reissue is going to be my Mom's after this summer I travel back...unless she doesn't want it. ... and I think I am growing OLDER for liking RED so much... grr } 

The blue wide safety pin bracelet is a gift from my designer friend, Elfi Altendorfer
 {I also love the green safety pin with yellow spacer on her web site..go check it out!} 

I adore the fuchsia undertone in Hermes RUBIS color. 

We are still HOT....mamas... :P
A moment with friends and their family, Priceless!!!

I drove hubby's BMW 535 manual shift home today! {I might as well change my car to manual ..Wait, what if I need to drive my gals to SF city ... geez, my legs and arms will be sore. :P}

Yes, I think Lindy 30 is a perfect little bag even for my height..... 

Have fun with your brightest little summer bag!
xoxo Rachel 


ceci said...

WOW!!! Another Rubis Lindy! (Saw Mia's reveal post with a Lindy 34) Very nice pick & I was also lucky to grab the Rubis/Chocolate belt when I was in HK even though they ran out of buckle throughout HK!! Thinking there are more than 1 boutique, but 8! None has them!! I don't want to miss the chance, thus just got the belt without the buckle. There was also quite a drama - the SA messed up with the additional holes. Mia & I were so (O_O)

Anyway, RED is not old at all! I do remember years ago you told me you hardly wear RED - but Red is very nice & boost our energy & happiness somehow when you wear RED. =) Congrats! Let's see if I'm lucky to find something nice when I'm in NYC later. Wish me luck!

kaylyn said...

Such a pretty color Lindy!
Please show what scarf is tied to your Londy.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Rachel! Happy Mother's Day! Congrats on your Rubis Lindy! I thought you don't like Lindy? I still remember you told me last year in your email that you and Isabel have no feeling towards Lindy and have no interest of owning one at all. LOL! Why the sudden change? I guess never say never! Haha! It's indeed a great bag! We are cousins! I just got my special order Rubis Birkin too with pink contrast lining inside...I too love the pink undertone of Rubis! The sweetest raspberry color ever! Enjoy your new bag! Congrats again!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, girls. Who doesn't like Hermes'..... he/she must live in Mars then..haha..

Oh, yeah, Mia, I saw your crazy collection and WOW... I have to say, you are one of the kind....nuts. :P Congratulations to your loot, they are all fab.!! I guess now I want to say that I don't want Kelly instead of Lindy... the RUBIS Lindy 30 is perfect little thing that I want for jazz up a luxe. look even more. Izy has been asking me to get Kelly but I am just not feeling it at all...again, like you said, never say never. hehe.....

Anyway, I love the hot pink tone in RUBIS but I do't think I want a hot pink Lindy. ^^ As far as the size is concerned, I am carrying smaller and smaller bags these days...just the mood I guess!!

Hope you had a great Mother's day with all your Hermes!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Kaylyn, that is an old collection from Hermes ... "hot-air balloon and flying boat" theme just because I'd love to ride on it one day!!


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