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24 May, 2011

Head to Toe Impromptu!!

Today is one of the days I don't have a clue what to wear...especially after a hectic weekend for me. A t-shirt or tank look is a no-brainer for me so I go for it!!  But even in my most relaxed look, I'd love to disguise the whole outfit as they are well thought put-together!! ........ 

How do I do that??

Accessories!!!  You know, hang bags, watches, sunglasses, hat, belt, shoes, smiles, and attitude.... ^O^ oh, and hair extensions!!



I found this leather belt at Nordi.  and it is quite interesting as it is a 2 sectors of color-block belt with attached leather string. It is actually quite blank at first sight but perfectly ties my tank+saggy pants look altogether. 


My Outfit Du Jour

1. Top: 
BCBG Generation sport-bra top
Michael Angel racer-back digital print sheer tank 
Mcginn skinny tuxedo vest (come with its blazer)

2. Bottom:
Suzuki Takayuki organic silk pants

3. Accessory:
color block leather belt with attached strings
Chanel 08' large black perforated Rodeo Drive tote (Still loving it so much)

4. Shoes:
Pixie Market

I probably can also wear my Hermes white CDC too!! 

After my rehearsal and Yu daughter's rehearsal last Saturday, two of us family took kids for a frozen yogurt treats. And both of us got hair clip-on extension for fun  .....which made our hubbies speechless...... lol.

Think accessories!!
xo Rachel


James Michael White said...

Love this look! And your extensions are fabulous.

litlstrawberry said...

thank you, Mike! ^^


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