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17 May, 2011


Occasionally you might find one particular color is somewhat inimical to your natural complexion but I'd say it hardly happens when you wear the most colorful and abstract prints!! You know, it gotta be, the odds of "none of the existing colors flatters you" is NONE, right?! ^^ 

Whenever I wear heels like this elegant and retro, I walk sexily. { I certainly wouldn't want to fell in front of my kids' teachers, classmates, or their parents.... how embarrassing it could be, if I did, right?!!} Besides, I would tuck in my belly when walking in heels which adds a bonus to my gesture! {Then you know you have to do stretches for your toes and calves during the night to prevent them forming a bulky muscles.}.....*sigh* It is not easy to be a Woman and keep it up!! {Give ourselves a round of applause if we at least try!!} ^O^

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120 Patent White
{Hardly believe this pair is just the second new pair I bought this year.... me, trying to be good.}

(mmmm....I should have adjusted that shirt...)

My Outfit Du Jour

1. Top:
Aryn K white cropped shirt with self-tie knot n' 3/4 bell sleeves 11'
Dries Van Norton printed shirt 08'

2. Bottom:
Dries Van Norton printed cropped silk pants 08'

3. Accessory:
Elfi Altendorfer vintage beads and glass necklace; matching earrings
Elfi Altendorfer large safety pin blue-beaded bracelet
Zara kelly green oversized leather envelope clutch 11'

4. Shoes:

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato 120 Patent White 11'


pic. source whowhatwhere

Target serving tray (home decor.) 
{Aren't those splash of colors brighten your mood instantly!!}


Iphone pen and my new iphone case. I often write Chinese characters so this iphone pen certainly serves me well. 

Try some sexy, retro heels?
xoxo Rachel 


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