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09 May, 2011

Fun Suiting!!

I love the crisp and posh of suiting look.  Why not try shorts and cropped pants from a classic pants-suit for a fun and feminine touch! 



Pic. [Off Note]


My Outfit Du Jour

1. Top:
Gray bustier camisole 
Lerario Beatriz wool vest 

2. Bottom:
Vince leather shorts

3. Accessory:
Turquoise bangle 
URBN turquoise cuff 
Crazy dog necklace
Hermes RUBIS LIndy 30 

4. Shoes:
BIanca dark burgundy pump

{special note: Thanks Pei for taking all those sassy pictures for me today....  *hugs n' kisses*} 
More details such as this double waist straps can make your waist look smaller and sexier!


Still feeling my new baby.... 

What's your new score recently?
xoxo Rachel 


Betsy said...

R ~~ congratulations on your new gorgeous Lindy! To be honest, I was slightly surprised that it's a Lindy cuz I thought for sure you got another B! You *are* on a roll with all the red colors. But I have to admit, it's one color that has done well with your wardrobe. So have you been waiting for this Lindy? Or was it on shelf at the store? I have yet to venture over to the orange side just cuz it's too $$$ at this point. Sticking to C for a while and still on a hunt for a reissue.

Anyway, that dog necklace is a fab buy and I'll definitely hit up Bettina next time I'm in the city.

litlstrawberry said...

Yeah, I am waiting for next Birkin and that's the best part...the journey of waiting for a dream bag. Oh, you know Chanel is going to raise their price again and you might as well move to H side..ha... What's the color you want for reissue?

Yes, I'd love to go check out that store in SF city again... like a treasure hunt! ^^


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