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06 July, 2009

FACE & BODY Fair!!!

This fair is held at San Jose McEnery Convention Center. There will be lots of vendors/exhibitioner for skin and body product. I will have a update after this weekend about all products!!

Stay Tuned!!


fabulous everything said...

oh my gosh i just found ur blog through tPf!!!!

you are such a fabulous mom, i love it. you will be my inspiration when i have kids one day. i've never seen anyone with THREE LITTLE KIDS pull off looking so effortlessly stylish as you. thank you!!!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

haha....fabulous girl:

you are so pretty, I love your hair. I used to dye my hair but after having kids, I try to keep a low maintainable look. Of course, stylish look. :P

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget what you had promised yourself!! :)

Jenny said...

Did you go, R? I almost went there every year, but skipped this year :-) I guess two beauty shows and will be three this coming weekend make me tired of going to the closest one :P


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