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Fashion + Home Decor. = Joy!!

I bought these two limited ed. prints last weekend and luckily found I-think-they-match frames for both at Michael store.

You must be wondering how come this artichoke is burgundy color instead what we normally had in USA.
Ah~ you have a great color instinct then. This is what they have in Rome. "The artichoke is indigenous to the Mediterranean region and was first recorded in Italy around 1400."- Flavor of I was told that both green and this wine color artichokes taste the same ~ delicious!!

Here I hang them on our formal dinning room!! Where esle could be a better place for them!!! :)

Then I had these two hand-crafted dancing fairies which is made in Canada from couple years back. I bought them at a craft store in Los Gates. Whenever I look at them, they give me a whimsical piece of quiet moment! The first fairy has a buttery wing and the bottom one has a pair of bird's wing. They both are beautifully crafted from brass. You also can see the swirl reflected on their body from lights.

This one might be an angle since she has a halo!

w/ little decor. our foyer instantly gives our guests a warm welcome! :)

This foyer separates our living room and family room!

I love collecting things. From paintings, drawing, etchings and even sculptures. I know most of people think it takes fortune to keep up a hobby like that but it really isn't the case. I bought that two prints of strawberry and artichoke for $30 and $48 respectively w/ total $20 off discount from the artist, Linda. For me, they are priceless, and I said the artist even gave me her original artichoke mold which will be one of a kind!!! So if things I collected didn't increase the value, my family and I will enjoy those beautiful things for many years to come. I believe that if you collect things that you like, not just that will enhance your home, and life, but also nurture your family's appreciation of small things surrounding them!!

Today is a holiday, DH still has to work. I have no motivation taking kids out alone so I decided to clean our house, move some furniture around for a refreshing look.

I was eyeing a pair of boots from MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA these days. However, while every site/department store is having their final end of season sale, I felt that I might just wait a bit and pair the shoes I had!!


1. TOP:
  • American Apparel white tank
  • Neil Barrett black sheer ruched blouse
2. BOTTOM: Washed jeans w/ bead decor.
3. ACCESSORY: Fallon cross chain necklace w/ crystal, cone charm
Stella Luna patent black gladiator heels

Christian Louboutin studded booties

Max Mara studded platform clog

My personal favorite is this platform clog from Max Mara. I think I have to bring back this beaded jeans for a even tailored look in the future!!! :)

Happy 4th of July, everyone!!!


Julia said…

love how you wear your beaded jeans. i agree with you that Max clog went better with the outfit.

since there are beads through the jeans, a simple shoes are better choice.

about your two new prints, when i hang them together like that, i prefer to use the same frames.

i saw you in my blog, but i can't see me in your blog for some reason. i can see if you post any new stuff from my blog. how cool is that.

i also changed the name of my blog to Julia's Fashion Diary.

let me know what you think my new posts.

have a good 4th July today!

litlstrawberry said…
hi, Julia:
Good day, lady! Thanks for agreeing w/ my fashion sense. :) know, for the prints, I tried so many frames just to see if they use the same one but failed. They are so different in colors and the only same color is green...I don't think a green frame would work for both of them. Besides, strawberry berry is so small than the artichoke so the same reason that I need two different frames to bring out their beauty!

Oh, what do you mean that you can't see me in my blog? I think I can. I have your old pic. the one w/ sunglasses on. right?

Why do you change the name, I like the old one. But of course, a name is just a name, whatever seems suits better to you. :)

I will find some time to leave comments. The Mc shirt is so COOL~~ love it!!! Rock it, girl!!
Betsy said…
The first thing I noticed is that "how incredible it is that you have glass vase on the floor with real flowers and water" right where the kids can reach. I can imagine how Sophie, my crazy daughter, would stick her hand in there and make a mess w/in 10 minutes. Then again, I remember that you said you are a disciplinarian and that your kids know what they are/ are not allowed to do. *Kudos to you!*

What an interesting bit about artichoke. I had no idea.

Happy 4th of July!
Hi R! Hi Julia! Hi Betsy!

Happy July 4th! Is it a holiday over there?

Anyway, R, your beaded jeans are hot! So rocker-chic! Haha...your necklace is a perfect match with this pair of jeans. I also love it with your clogs the most. Oh, maybe you can shorten your jeans a bit and also make it even tighter? It will look even more stunning than it is now.

Hmmm...I have a confession to make. I can't forget your Fallon necklace after I saw them on you. I so love the cross chain details and those deadly cones hanging on them. So, I bought it! Hahahahha! I ordered it from shopbop at US$188. Is that a good price? They have free international shipping now for items more than US$100, so I took the plunge. Your blog is as dangerous as tPF. LOL!! do you discipline your kids? My son won't listen...ever. He has his own mind/thoughts and always ignore what my husband and I said. Sigh...are all boys like that?

Anyway, have a nice weekend!


P.S. I'm starting to update my blog...hope I can keep it up like yours!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: I was thinking about you these days!! :) I was wondering are you busy packing, make reservation for restaurant....etc. all sorts of preparation for your Vegas trip. My DH and I are thinking of taking kids there...but again, will they have as much fun as we do?!! Well, I hate kids around w/ me in Vegas...cause' I can't go gamble. hahahah......

Oh, yap, you know, I think when you place those fragile things inside the house, you always tell kids be careful...blah blah blah...then I think at some points, kids lose all the attention to these kinda of stuff. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michelle:
It is great that you start editing your blog...I will make sure to stop by yours and Julia's blogs. you even paid $20 less than me from Isn't that necklace gorgeous?!! Very fun, rock and I don't think it is so rusty look so I even pair it w/ dresses or anything a bit feminine. :)

well, ya~ the jeans...I probably will take it back to another tailor and see is she charges less. The original tailor I had is gone for vacation......:( I just wish I had it altered tighter at the first time..... oh, well...

Hum...discipline. I am a strict mom. ..... sometimes I am afraid that I will be too strict and become bossy in their eyes.....well, I was talking about this w/ Justine (Baglogic from Tpf in my Chinese blog). She thinks that we are just trying to set the boundary for kids to follow. Well, yap, I will remind myself from time to time to "give my kids a break"!! hahahahha...

Hey, moms: you know, competition is everywhere. We just all have high expectation for our kids.....Why do I talked about this? ?? well...I am going to interview couple after school tomorrow for my son, Niel. This after school has a good reputation for Math and Chinese I kinda of having a "parenting" sentimental mood here. hahahaha... we were so busy and Irene's family came in the afternoon too. So I don't even have time to leave comments to Julia and Mia's blog..I think i will do that tomorrow. Sorry, girls. :)
Julia said…
oh i see why you used two different fames for these two prints. frame is tricky. then it costs too much to custom made your ideal frame. i have that problem before.

i changed my blog name, but my blog website is still the same one.

let me know when you upload your party picture with your party outfit.

Raike said…
Lovely frame art wall decoration for home!! She looks gorgeous in this outfit... Great post!!

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