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29 July, 2009

Hibernation =,= Tomorrow Is a Big Day!!

Today, I take it easy w/ kids at home other than picked up my alternation n' went to the hair removal appointment in Stanford in the morning.

Tomorrow, I will wake up early cause' Barney's warehouse is having a sale. My friend, Renee, and I are going to meet up there and see if we can score big. Renee just moved back to SF city from New York and she once scored big in Barney's warehouse in New York. So wish us luck!!

In case we are feeling guilty about shopping w/ kids, we also plan to visit Science of Museum after lunch. Just so both moms and kids will have a fun and fulfill day!!


1. TOP: Blue chiffon sheer top (never heard the brand when bought at Camel by the sea)
2. BOTTOM: IRO grayish tapered pants w/ ruched waist
3. SHOES: Chanel gray Mary-jane flat w/ charms
  • Chanel 09 s/s CC multicolored scarf
  • Chanel 08 s/s heart w/ cc crystal earrings

  • Chanel gray 08 classic lambskin jumbo

I, in fact, wore the same top yesterday and this is the snapshot of Eric Beamon for target earrings and matching necklace.

Daughter and Mom!!

Scarf as a tie!

Sheer back!

Looking at this pic. I think I need a hair cut!!lol

DH came home for lunch and took those shoots for me. It is really convenient living in Cupertino. We can have pearl tea anytime less than 5 min. drive!!!! lol Whole Foods Market is 3 min. drive in my neighborhood. I can't imagine myself living far from civilization!! haha...

After lunch, we walk ourselves to the school next to our house that Niel is attending this fall.
Tomorrow is a busy day ahead!!!




Purse Addict said...

Is it your first time to the BNY sale?? Its good that you're going with a friend! Arrive early and run for the shoes and handbags because those are always the first to go. After you're done with shoes and bags, move onto the clothes. Just grab whatever you see and then immediately head over to a mirror with your friend. Its usually better to have one person try on all their stuff first while the other guards the goods and you gals can switch after. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia said...

hope you score big in the sale!

i wish i could go with your gals.

hey, when you say 'hair removal appointment', was it Bikini Wax?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Purse:
well.....I, (WE) really wanted to go earlier but w/ 3 kids plus 1 of my friends....I am glad we made there in the MORNING>...haha.. This is my first time ...I know you have those sales in LA. It is the first time BNY had this "legendary sale" in bay area!!!!!!!!!

You know, they don't have handbags so I am pretty disappointed...anjavascript:void(0)yway, I think somehow I am onto these f/w stuff so when I was there, nothing really catches my eyes except Chloe calf boots I scored today. I think I am still doing self-controlling thing...haha...

litlstrawberry said...

haha..hi, Julia: NOP, I am doing under arm. The Bermain skin institute in Stanford had a promotion of 5 times treatment for $450. I feel safer to do in the hospital than in some skin care/salon where they don't really have great machine....nor doctor on site!! :(

Well...I wish I didn't have to take kids w/ me as my kids go bathroom one and another when i only tried 5 pair of shoes w/ 20 different ones which I picked all over the floor. :((( You know, it is really great as I found something I like and I saved a not over-spending!!! :)

litlstrawberry said...


here is the link to my facebook..... I had upload Niel's party pic. there.
It is fun and I met a tpfer and her daughter in person. :)

Purse Addict said...

Yea, the key to the BNY warehouse sale is to be at the head of the line bc it becomes absolute chaos as soon as the doors open. I remember my first time, I was too shy to run but all the other girls ran to the bags and some of them scored Lanvin and Chloe purses - after that experience, I RUN every time the doors open...LOL. I've noticed that the past few times, the purses have become really crappy - mainly only BNY stuff. The shoe selection is usually mediocre and I normally come out with a lot of clothes. You can also try going back during the last few days of the sale. The pickings are slim but what you do find is really big markdowns ;)


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