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23 July, 2009

Pinky Lady!!

Suddenly I like PINK so much and I even wore pink in two consecutive days. May it be a hot pink to cheer up my mood or baby pink to soften my heart, pink is just as lovely as its variation of shades.

TUESDAY, at our back yard! We are back from Niel & Abby's soccer game, I am taking the time to do photos for myself.

1. TOP: Two layered tank (white n' pink w/ contrast stitches), J crew baby pink cardigan
2. BOTTOM: Levis hot pink low rise cropped jeans w/ zipper pull
3. ACCESSORY: Chanel 09 camellia w/ pearl drop earrings, Chanel 08 runway camellia tulle pink satin sling back, Bottega Veneta lambskin ivory tote, Vintage cameo brooch as necklace

We were having one of my mommy friends early 30 something's birthday together at 9:00 PM at Ann's house. DHs are at home and responsible for putting kids to bed!! :)

Proudly, our birthday girl did self-tan successfully. She is all set to go to Germany this weekend!!! I am so envy of her!! lol

You know, those snack is de-lici-ous!!!! Dry noodles, mustard almond, spicy squid, and dry chili. The only thing missing here is BEER!!haha...

This is the close shot of dry chili!!! I love it!!

WEDNESDAY, library fun!!
I sent couple of my clothes for alteration and I am preparing my f/w outfits. Well, yup, I can save a lot if I just alter some clothes of mine and add some details on them, they will look as newly purchased and right on the trend!! :)

Saratoga Library!!

I think I am done preparing my son, Niel's, birthday party. Everything is set except I have to pick up catering food from Whole Foods Market, birthday cake and balloon on Sat. morning. Here I go again, nowadays, the young generation is so wealthy as their parents prepare pretty much everything since the day they were born, the birthday party, summer camp, annual vacation, graduation gift, college fund, even luxury things such as cars...... etc. My, I don't remember I was that lucky when I was young. lol

1. TOP:
  • Chantalle Black bra :)
  • Stella McCartney sequins tank
  • ZARA plaid shirt/dress

2. BOTTOM: Max Mara weekend line cargo pants
3. SHOES: Chanel 08 s/s runway camellia satin sling back heels

  • Fellon cross, crystal brass necklace
  • Ferberge' LTD. cross necklace
  • Chloe orange Sally 09
  • leather belt cinch the shirt

When my kids taking their routine nap, I am free of myself. I didn't wear a bra top, it is bra underneath of Stella McCartney sequins tank.

THURSDAY (today)!!

Chanel 09 s/s brooch. This piece is so big that I think it only looks right when placed at the center of an ensemble.

I am babysitting my high school pal, Judy's son while she can do some chores. She didn't ask me to but I'd like to offer it once a while. You know, I really think even just a couple of hours away from the kids to do some chores alone would give moms so much of a break time. We will do things even more efficiently and recharge ourselves a little everyday w/o kids' disturbing. Moms need each other's support, literally and figuratively!!!

McDonald at Stanford shopping center.

This Calvin Klein heels cost me $45 only ; Horay for me finding an ideal heels for my cargo pants!!

I got bored while watching kids playing at the playground inside MacDonald so I simply take photos for my heels. :P

I love the cross design of this heel. I think there is no other color/heels can flatter the dusty pink-brown cargo even better w/ such a great deal!!

Even wearing cargo pants, I'd like to keep my look posh!! :)

1. TOP:
  • J Crew baby pink cardigan
2. BOTTOM: Dusty rose cargo pants
  • brass disc necklace
  • Chanel 09 s/s brooch w/ pink crystal, camellia charm, mini pearls
  • BV ivory lambskin tote
  • Calvin Klein dark brown heels


Jovern said...

can I check who takes your photos? just wondering as you are always on the go..

litlstrawberry said...

hah...that's my pal, Judy, back from her chores. I am babysitting her son for couple hours yesterday while she is doing some chores of her own.

You are right, I am always on the go, so I really don't like having a nanny around. Then I would end of taking nanny w/ me shopping .... hahaha..... If I am home, I took photos for myself, (or DH), if I am outside w/ kids, sometimes my friends, or a stranger might stopped by me cause' I asked her/him to take pic. for us. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Jovern:
come to think of it, I registered on twitter the other accident. I was intended to add a blogger then end of registering myself on

So maybe you can follow me on twitter? haha...

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

I love the vintage cameo brooch as a pendant on you! The pale green really pops against your pink top. I also love the b/w shot of you wearing the plaid top, it looks like it's straight out from the magazine. Irene also looks like she lost some weight, maybe it's the tan?

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Isabel:
Thanks. :) Oh, I gotta call you the other day ...just got home and friends are over to have dinner...the party starts around 11 AM but couple of my friends' kids seem don't have enough yet. haha...

Yup, the b/w pic. is better for this children friendly blog of mine. haha.. I, myself, like the casual sexy look too, well, at least I don't have to stop breath all the time for a flat tummy!!! hehe...

As for Irene, I think she definitely lose some weight and also because of tan, she look much thinner and toner. She has been practicing yoga and Zomba too. :)

Oh, I will call you about the facial but I don't think hers really work that well.

Julia said...

oh what a great deal for the shoes! i need to look for good deasl nowadays because my husband wants to do some home improvement projects - first place he thinks of cutting is me. lol

litlstrawberry said...

wa haha...Julia: you are so funny... and haha.... I think most guys want us to cut down our luxury spending!! hahahaha..


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