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13 July, 2009

Weekend = Shopping, Food, MORE Food and Dessert!

It is almost impossible for me to stay at home and rest on the weekends. I always want to visit somewhere w/ kids, therefore, there is no exception last weekend!!

We took kids to Monterrey Bay Aquarium last Sat. They have sea horse in exhibition. You probably wouldn't believe how colorful, various sizes, and how interesting of forms of sea horses can be until you see them w/ your own eyes.

Yes, those leaves looking creatures are sea horses too!!

I wore pretty casual.....2 extra long shirts, belt, gray-white tights, Boss suede boots, hat, distressed suede messenger bag and of course, Chanel 08 star brooch!!

A boutique called "SLB" on Cannery Row which is just outside the aquarium. They have brands like twelfth street by Cynthia Vincent, Paul & Joe sister, and lots of small brand names. The price is awesome.......(cheap) but equally fabulous!!

I love the rough texture of this dress and its romantic beige color.

Love the two sassy dresses on the display!

We then visited Camel and had a dinner there. This time we didn't go through 17 miles to Camel since they charge about $8 to $10 just for visitors to pass by!! lol

Abby is almost 4!! Yay, start in July, we have 1 birthday boy/girl till September!!

Suddenly this nostalgic look of restaurant set our mood back in Paris.

I never seen this dessert before.....

I think I need a diet starting on Monday!!!


Julia said...

it seemed you guys had a great time!

desert looks yumy.
those dresses are very pretty! did you get one of them? i like floral ones better. the beige one is a little sheer to me, have to wear a slip underneath.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

R! My mouth is watering here!! I love desserts! Yup, the ambiance of the restaurant does look like those bistro's in Paris. Can't wait to get there!

You're so lucky to have all sorts of kid-friendly places to go in the US. I would love to bring Mason to the aquarium. The only place we have here is Ocean Park which is not very impressive. Hehehehehe. I guess it will do for now, but when Mason gets older, I'm sure he'd love to see more of the water world.

Oh yes, like Julia, I'm curious too! So did you buy any of the dresses you've shown?

Take care!


*Wave* to Julia!! Sorry I haven't commented on your blog yet. I'll do that later tonight. I think I've missed out a lot! You're doing so good with your blog! :D (I haven't updated mine in ages! hahahahah!)

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, girls:
NOp, I didn't get anything in that store....however, I do find a simple, feminine top in a store in Camel. I should find some time to wear it w/ my Linda Loudermilk organic bamboo suit and do the modeling. However, I would say the only big occasion upcoming for us is Ilona & Niel's birthday party and since we are doing outdoor BBQ at the lake, for sure I won't wear suits ..... haha.... I might wear that suit to the zoo in the future as we always visit downtown SF city for its the same route. And that's why you always see me dress "OVERLY" for going to a zoo. hahaha.....

yes, I felt the same thing to my kids. When I visited Taipei, there is not much place to visit for both entertainment and educational purposes for kids, but here is different. So, will you move to USA or Switzerland? :)


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