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02 July, 2009

Not Too Late To Go Green In Fashion ~ Linda Loudermilk!

Linda Loudermilk's collection includes Oeko-Tex certified linen (from the flax plant, which requires little or no pesticides or fertilizers to grow) and organic cotton (pesticide- and fertilizer-free) jersey.
This high-end eco-designer based at Los Angeles, uses sustainable fabrics such as soy- and corn-based fibers. She has even created women's separates made from an antibacterial Japanese fabric called sasawashi. She also has a more chic, luxury eco line, which sports rock n' roll edge, made from seaweed and cellulose called seacell - which releases vitamins and nutrients absorbed by the skin!! Now you can't say that Beauty is as shallow at its appearance! :) (Intro. courtesy of WWW)

I was eyeing this suit since Feb. but didn't take the plunge to buy it. Even now I bought it, I am still trying to justify its price. The SA thinks this suit is timeless and I can wear it forever. I can't argue w/ her. The slightly muscular shoulder is what's all about this f/w until 2010. I think I will be able to get around w/ the jacket in the future w/ a little alteration if big shoulder is not a hit anymore. :)

I will do a better MOD pic. after I alter the pants. The waist is too loose even w/ size 8 in Brit. which is equal to size S in USA.

I love this black suit has a sheen to it. So glamorous!!

The jacket has asymmetrical design for its collar and only one side has the pocket. So fun!


Julia said...

gorgeous jacket! i want to wear jackets more too! hopefully other people dont think i am overdressed or something. hehe..

i just got a new bag. a tiny bit like your new sally. you have to go check my thread out.

you know what i think? i think i should start to blog. or use facebook for posting pictures.


litlstrawberry said...

well, no matter where you go,a jacket always gives people a "serious" or "so stylish" impression. I normally don't think I am overdressed as I am overload w/ everything in terms of life, kids, house work, even exercise 4 or even 5 times/ I just like to be overly loaded about almost everything. hahah...........

Sure, I will check it out. Oh, yap, you should, so I don't have to go throu. everyone's "chat" and focus more about things we liked to talk about. You know, i don't like sweet is sometimes just too much!!! haha... you know what do I mean!!! *<*

Julia said...

of course i understand what you mean - we think alike!! i am feeding my blog now.

here is the link:

i posted the new pictures of bags, etc there today for you. and i am gonna promote my blog so i will have some readers too.

i know jacket looks 'serious' and 'so stylish', but i love wearing jackets. maybe i am a serious person?! haha..

you are loaded, girl. I wish i have the half of your energy.


eve-eve said...

hi there! got your comment about my collection.. well sorry to say but here in the Philippines there's a lot of women who collects this kind of flipflops.. wayyyyyy more than mine.. hahahah!

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R!! Love your new jacket! So "wet-look" and sophisticated! Can't wait to see how you mix and match it. I haven't heard about this brand at all. So, I guess there are a lot of contemporary local designers in the US who are good, right? Yup, do post more so that we can learn. I tend to only know about European and Japanese I'd love to know more about American designers too. I think they sometimes have good stuff.

Oh R, I saw your other post on the McQueen clutch+gloves and shoes. I think they are so cool! And it won't be too much at all for you. Esp the shoes...go get it. The silhouette is very nice. :D

Haha...I know about you know about "sweet talk" at tPF.

So, are you still going to Switzerland end of the year?


**Wave** to Julia!! So you started your blog too! Now I can visit your blog more often. I like reading blogs more than tPF...hahahahaha! It's more organized and user-friendly. (I've started a blog too a month ago, but I only posted 1 time and completely abandoned it. LOL!! Blogging can take up so much time though...hehehehe.)

Welcome to the blog world!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, eve:

You don't say!!! Now I can understand that you must catch up soon!!! hahaha......

You are welcome and it looks you had a great time w/ family vacation!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, hi, Michelle:
Thanks. I love that jacket, and it looks so leather-like in the pic. but it is linen (made from Bamboo). They did some treatment on linen and I don't have to worry a thing about wrinkle. I normally don't buy linen but this is so different!! You know, since I told my friend, Cathy, that some clothes can give "nutrition" (seaweed can help heeling) to the skin, she say I can wear her clothes whenever I have cuts on, it is a joke!!! hahaha....

OH,...well, I don't know since my brother might be married at the end of this year or early 2010. We don't want to spend a fortune on just buying the fare again.... we must plan everything cautiously!! :) Well, Switzerland will always be there!!!
However, I know I def. will plan a trip end of Sept. or before end of Oct. for both Italy & Switzerland next year if we didn't end of going this year!!!!!! It will be nice to visit them both since they are so close by train! :)

Oh, sweet talk, never mind what I said. I am just sometimes very straightforward but I do know once a while I have to give credit to everyone "in the world" since it takes effort for everyone to do anything!! I respect that!! I like decent opinion. Yes, we all do!

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Michelle:
I think Linda Loudermilk is a British. She studies at Oxford but have all her collection made in USA. :) I don't think she is a local American designer!


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