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14 July, 2009


I didn't shop much on apparel these days. Why?

1) I guess it is because the weather is too hot and I don't have the mood to dress up w/ layers. One piece dress? Nay, not my cup of tea. :P

2) Self-control! When I get older, I tend to believe that self-control is very important. If I want to keep buying till I am 80 years old, I better learn it faster to streamline the desire of WANTING everything by not getting everything I want!!!

3) So to be rewarded w/ a Hermes Birkin on our anniversary or Christmas at the end of this year or next year. *<*

Again, I always think we can pretty much have anything we want in the United States, therefore, let's not rush the desire into an evil temptation for now!! :)

However, I still need something new to entertain myself and keep myself busy......oh, yep, other than shouting out loud to my 3 kids when they become mischievous. lol

I re-arranged our paintings, home decor. and get creative w/ my clothes. I am not much of a T-shirt girl, instead, I like tank better. There I cut and sew myself a new tank yesterday night!! I love my creation and now I get to wear the tank more often!!

I cut off the rose decor. of this tank which I bought at URBN. (Urban Outfitter)

Then cut off two sleeves from the T-shirt!

Cut round neck to a V-neck T, and stitch both hem around 2 arms and sew the zipper rose decor. on! Ta da~~

Ooh la la~ My new busy busy zipper roses n' sequins heart tank!!

I moved the art decor. from other wall to improvise this area's visual effect!!


1. TOP: My creation
2. Bottom: Diesel white high waist jeans
3. Shoes: Betsy Johnson's satin blue heels
4. Chloe orange Sally
5. J crew gold belt

Everyone suggested white would go well w/ Chloe orange Sally!! It's so refreshing!

Orange is perfect w/ royal blue, aren't they!!!


Betsy said...

Rachel - I had no idea that you can sew so well! You've shown your skills at making rips on your clothing to make unique pieces so this one definitely surprised me. The top really looks unique and very stylish... one of a kind! Have you ever thought of selling your work? LOL.

The color combo between your orange Sally and satin blue heels is refreshing. Love it.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy: I just thought about you this fact, whenever I go to Wholefoods, I think of you...I don't know if you sneeze all the time. hahahah...

Oh, last min. birthday party for Niel and I will email you and see if you want to come w/ your family.

Thanks for the compliment and I think the Sally bag is ONE of the best choice I made other than Chanel. :) You know, I was reluctant to buy ORANGE as my first desire is PURPLE. However, it is always great to expect the unexpected as I never thought I would even find Chloe orange Sally in Nordi.

Jenny said...

Hi Rachel,

Just want to drop by to say hello at your blog. I enjoy your blog. Wow....I am always amazed by your creativity with clothing.

-jperchen from mommy thread at TPF :-) (call me jenny)-

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, hi, Jenny:
How are you? It has been a while since the last time we talked in tpf!!! :) I saw the pic. of you (I think it is Sophie reposted it on tpf), looks you had a fun time this summer too. :) How old is your girl? Summer is the time I feel my kids suddenly all grown up ... :)

Thanks for dropping by here as I do feel I need 30 hrs. a day to keep up commenting or taking pic. for myself for tpfer and here. haha...

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Rachel! Brilliant job on your shirt! I think it's the perfect tank! You are so creative! Yup, I agree with Betsy, you should do all sorts of DIY on clothes and then resell it. I will be your first client. :D

I am loving your Orange Sally bag more and more (I think orange is better than purple as you already have a purple Balenciaga and a nice orange bag doesn't come along easily). Glad I bought it!! Hehehehehhe! Thanks to you! I still haven't received mine yet though. It's on its way here.


P.S. I read your other comment on the other DH and I have thought of moving to the US or Europe in the future. But not now yet. :D

Jenny said...

Hi Rachel,

Yes, we had quite fun this year as my daughter is getting bigger and easier to take along on a trip. She's 4 year old 3 months now. Isn't your 2nd one about 4 y.o. also?!

I agree 110% with you keeping with TPF and your blog require extra hours :-) I do hope you can/will monetize this blog and will be able to fund your passion with fashion :P If you haven't done so, insert the Google Adsense into your blog. You do have visitors on your blog including me :P I check whenever I can.

I agree with Mia and Betsy, you should consider do something with your talent. Kids will be growing up, by then you will have more time to pursue your real interest.

Similar like you, I myself did major in Management Information Systems, but unfortunately loosing interest after a few years working in the industry. I then pursued what I thought I like to do which is totally different :-), but I enjoy what I am doing much better and I am not stuck in the cubicle :P That' the best thing. But I do thank to my schooling background, it helps me to where I am today.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mia: Thanks. You know, I must say craft work is sometimes better to be kept for ourselves. hahahaha.... My handwork is not as professional as real tailor....just for fun, and only for fun!!, you have not received your Sally???? Well, good thing is you still can carry it during fall or winter...(just kidding).
How come? I thought you already got your SHOESSSS∞(can you see the infinity sign there...haha...)and shouldn't they come together?? oh, well...

yeh, immigration is a big thing, most parents did for their kids' education. One of my friend traveled back to SF after she travel all over USA....she always thinks California is the best place to raise a family n' a kids. (I think mostly is the weather...haha...)

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, Jenny: I thought your daughter is younger ..... boy, (or I should say girl .. haha..) I didn't know she is even older than Abby. Yap, Abby is going to be 4 this Sept. I am busy w/ Niel's last min. party.....(I didn't invite you as we haven't met and I would think it is rude to do that...:)) But if you'd like to come, maybe you can email my personal email. Some of my mommy friends will be there...some are gone...(white skin Irene is going to German/France w/ DH only, Ann is staying home as she is pregnant,.....) but rest of gals will be here. I only sent out info. yesterday and ask for RSVP as party is held on 7/25 (Sat.).

I am glad to hear that you enjoy your current job as I envy you for that. Hum...I am thinking of kicking my Ilona out to school by next year to start doing my "thing". haha...

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

HAHA....R! I bought my shoessssss∞ from 4 US dept stores...Saks, Barney's, Nordstrom (where I bought the Sally) and Neiman Marcus. I just received the Saks and Barney's ones, not yet for Nordies and NM. That's why.

I'll be revealing all my shoes in my blog...hehe.

I think California will be great for kids. My DH used to live in San Francisco and New York before for a couple of years. He said it's like heaven and hell. Hahahaha!


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