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31 July, 2009

Physical Matter Is Not Necessarily The Tangible Proof Of Love!!

I didn't score any heels I really like at BNY warehouse sale. That's too bad, right!? Well, the good news is now I can really focus on f/w collection and seriously start my new wish list now. lol

You know, one thing that makes you really happy in life is don't linger around in the past!!! What do I mean by that?!!! For instance, how many of us trying to find a particular brand/color of bag, a pair of pants, or a pair of shoes which we know they are on sale and couldn't let go just because they are dirt cheap in our own standard?!! We would spend the whole day going on line, making phone calls, talking to the customer services.......etc. to track down the items we want!!!!! What a waste of time, don't you think?!!

After the BNY warehouse sale, I feel much relieved!! As if I had the same attitude about everything, I would have a more forward thinking and be able to not lugging those desire around. :)

Girls, clean up your closet, donate or sell most of the clothes you don't wear anymore. Also, how about your kids' first drawing, school papers....etc, if they are hidden in the storage, why not just get rid of them? They would be in the storage forever anyway!!! You will realize how much life junk you have and how free you can be literally and figuratively after cleaning up!!!!

My friends keep asking me what's in my wish list for fall/winter? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe I am reluctant to wake up the vanity inside of me!!! haha... Couple things for sure is I want a diamond ring, one or couple pair of nice heels and a whole album full of myself!! I have contacted couple great photographers and now is just "when" I'd love to have my 30th something memories done!!!!


1. TOP:
  • Dimension white shirt dress
  • Y-3 black sheer ruched cropped jacket
  • IROO black w/ sheer trim waist coat
2. BOTTOM: LaRok black skinny pants w/ beads at sides
3. SHOES: Diesel black gladiator

  • Embroidery necklace w/ beads (from Anthro.)
  • Chanel 08 s/s black Rodeo Drive tote in large

I found wearing Y-3 jacket and that vest together makes an interesting coat on me!! :)
Please pardon my ugly hair-do...:P

I notice I am a little sleep deprived this week so I cropped out my head! :P

Now I am eyeing a new Chanel bag but haven't had the chance to see it IRL!! :P

Both cropped jacket and vest has similar textile so they match together.

Tomorrow I am taking kids to Haynes street in SF city w/ DH. DH complains about we dine at nice restaurants and go to places w/o him these days!!! haha...


Julia said...

black sheer blouse/top is very in trend this season...

you pull it off very well. now i am digging out mine, and wear it in my way. i may try to wear the way you did, let's see how it will turn out. i am not too sure...

litlstrawberry said...

I know. I guess that's why the "bra" top is so in too.....simply the designers think if sheered top works, why not just wear a bra top instead. hahahaha....

Oh, I can't wait for your inspiration!! Yup, try them on and play them around. I think propotion is very important for sheered top, vest....."dress". :) Such as the red one wore on an actress you posted, I think she doesn't have that great proportion/toned body to show off in that sheered dress. She looks shy in that dress somehow. Well, also the look, you have either to play it very noble elegant or be naughty sexy in that kind of dress. J.Lo played it a sexy way very well. :)

Julia said...

i know...i probably criticize that korean actress and zhangziyi's looks without being modest.hahaha..

anyways, i know you understand where i came from. and i know you agree with me on those critiques i made.

hope you and family having a great weekend!

Betsy said...

I am still in awe at how your brought 3 kids to the BNY Warehouse sale and then also wore your Max Mara clogs! Supermom, I say. :)

The loot from Barneys are both very cute. How do the Chloe boots fit? I've seen them on Larkie (from tPF) and I've always wondered if they are comfortable enough for our lifetsyle.

I admire how versatile the Anthropologie necklace has worked for you. I bought one that is less of a statement piece a while back but I've noticed it didn't hold up very well. In fact, after 4~5 time use, it broke down. I'm quite disappointed with the quality but still lust after the fun design. I hope the quality of yours is better than mine. It's great how it looks like a Lanvin piece but not with the outrageous price tag.

I also commented on your awesome party pics. Too bad we missed the whole thing. :(

litlstrawberry said...

hah..yes, Julia: I totally understand. I am a warm in your stomach...well, maybe that's Chinese way to say about, I know you like I know the back of my hand!!! hahahaha.....haha...

Yup, we had a great time in Hayes st. again. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Betsy: oh, I always have a pair of flip flop to switch when going to places....hah....

If you don't own Lanvin boots...maybe you can start from this f/w. I got wedge one so it should be comfortable .... not yet test on the rd. though. :P The leather and buckle is just so their signature!!! That's also my first pair of lighter brown boots!! far, I don't have problem w/ necklace I bought in Anthro. What kind did you get? beads? I think the craftsmanship has something to do w/ it..... however, I have the same problem w/ my friend, Elfi's handworks. Partly because Ilona drag my necklace sometimes..well, can't blame my friend then. haha..


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