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31 July, 2009

BNY Legendary Sale!!

This is a super long can have a cup of tea or coffee when read along!! :)

We arrived too LATE (11 AM) in the warehouse. It is hard to find a parking spot but we are lucky enough to find one within 10 min. :)

The weather is cold and my son is asking for his jacket! :P

This is the first pair of Christian Louboutin black patent sling back I tried on. It actually is not really my size.....about 1 size bigger. I can walk in it but since I am afraid of it will loose up a little in the future. I gave it up!! :(

I fall in love w/ this Maison Martin Margiela boots w/ its pretty embroidery and degrading color from blue to white when I first saw them on Seaofshoes blog.

Bottega Venetta metal carved heels!!

Then my little daughter got bored so I had to take her out for fresh air!!

I found my very first pair of Chloe boots!! Hooray!!
This is the only pair of shoes I take home w/. :P

Miu Miu, although it is my size but it looks so small w/ my feet! :(

Ok, this area is for trying shoes. My kids are bored again so I had to give them some sweet treats!!

There are lots of shoes I'd love to try but w/ kids, it is almost impossible for me to stay there even longer!! I picked up almost 30 shoes but only tried half of them. What was I doing by then? Mostly taking kids to the bathroom, walking back and forth takes time and busy at disciplining my kids in the warehouse. :(

We only stayed at the warehouse for 2 hours as we are not really there to spend/shop. I roughly went through clothes section and I found lots of things are really nice and interesting to just try it on. However, I promised my kids that we are going to eat Japanese food and then visit Academy of Science Museum, we didn't stay longer. It was already 2:PM by then.

We decided to eat at Benihana where both kids and adults will enjoy not just the food but the atmosphere.

My friend, Renee(right) scores a pair of Lanvin heels w/ bows and her friend, Karen found a pair of Chanel flat w/ white lace camellia for $200 something!!! lol

Finally kids are quite and fascinated looking at the show!!!! hehe...

We also meet up w/ Judy as she is in SF city looking for day care for her son.

After enjoying the food, we almost had to rush ourselves to the Academy of Science Museum. It was 4 PM by then and is the last admission to the museum!!

Yay,...we still made it!! I kept my promises!!!!

Poor Ilona, she slept the whole time when we were in the museum.

Finally, my ensemble of yesterday!!
1. TOP:
  • kein label tank
  • Neil Barrett black sheered blouse
  • Linda Loudermilk bamboo asymmetrical/big shouldered blazer
2. BOTTOM: ZARA skirt (wore as mini)
3. SHOES: Max Mara platform clog w/ studs
  • Chanel metallic silver 08 clutch
  • black bow belt (from AEOS)
  • Sonia Rykiel swarovski owl brooch (wore as necklace)

Those curious faces are the precious moments for we moms!!! :)

This guy is gathering reference under the tank just to check the quality of water......everything!!

That scales on this fish almost look like those on Dragons!!! haha..

The lizards is shedding off his skin!!

This is my fish of the day!! Isn't it cute!! :)

The fish is party of scenery in the water!

The embroidery on Stella McCartney black tank dress is very pretty IRL and it's double layered inside. It is only $149!!!! lol

By the time we got home, it is 7 PM. DH came home for dinner and took photos for my trophy. :)
Chloe brown wedge short boots and Stella McCartney embroidery black tank dress!!

I am very very exhausted by 12 PM but we all had a great time. I am glad the pearl milk tea we had in 19th/Irvin st. didn't disturb my sleep at all. I slept like a pig!!!!!! hah ha .......


FuN and MakeUp said...

soo fashionable!! cute shoes and cute kids!! haha they're soo adorable.. that place u went to is soo cool!! the lizards r really dragons arnt they or somethin.. i forgot..

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, hi, fun girl: Thanks. :)
I just checked back blogs of yours about colored contact lens...when I was at my 20s I own at least 3 to 4 pairs of colored lens at a time. I liked them a lot and also try couple different shades of highlights on my hair....until I am here (a mom). hah..

The science Museum in SF city is really cool and it was packed in the summer, especially. :) YOu should pay a visit when you are in the city. :)


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