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17 July, 2009

Accessories: Chanel Pearl Necklace, Some Floral Brooch n' Hair Clip!!

My current fav. bang from Rihanna!

Rihanna and Katie Holmes reach their big time in their signature bang and chopped bob hairstyle!

I just realized I really "need" another shorts when I am looking for ONE to go w/ Max Mara green apple top this morning. However, I already have shorts so I kick off the thoughts of "spending" again!! I assume even a tweed one won't be too hot to wear...... and maybe it would be ok w/ another wool vest on if I stay in the air-conditioned indoor!! Whatever works to get rid of a reason to spend money!!! lol

My friend, Pei, said that I look like a "boy" in the pic. the other day....hum...maybe I will look good w/ chopped bob hair-do then!! :)


1. TOP:
  • Max Mara tank top w/ twisted racer back in green apple

  • Taupe wool vest w/ strings
2. BOTTOM: Max&Co. brown tweed shorts
3. SHOES: Christian Louboutin gold wedge
  • Floral hair pin
  • Rosy beige floral brooch
  • Chanel 09 s/s pearl necklace
  • Chloe 09 s/s orange Sally

See, finally my silly bang cut by myself two weeks ago grows longer and looks natural now. haha....

After done dress-up, I start playing w/ my Chanel pearl necklace. I never wanted to wear it differently until today. I wear it as Y style pedant and clip a floral brooch to hide the hook joint. I am quite content w/ this 09 s/s pearl necklace with rhinestone accent and I am still palpitating whenever I wear it.

Seriously, do I look like a guy w/ short hair?!!!! lol

You know what, I think a pair of earring is missing....that's why!! :)


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi Rachel!!

1. You do NOT look like a guy w/ short hair. No no no at all!!
2. I really like the bangs, esp. Katie Holme's hairdo!! I like her in short hair. Cute gal!! Rihanna's hairstyle is nice too.
3. I really admire your self-control very much. This, I absolutely need to learn from you, esp. now that we are aiming to buy a new apartment. I mean, if I were in your position, I would have bought like 2 or 3 pairs of shorts instantly without thinking much. LOL!! Kudos to you! :D
4. Haha...yes you need a pair of earrings! Just a simple one. Maybe your Chanel pink camellia flower pearl earrings?
5. I really LOVE your creation for the Chanel pearl necklace (I have this necklace too!). The beige floral brooch is so pretty with it! Genius! And the Y-shape long necklace is just the perfect length for your tank top. Love it!
6. I am thinking maybe your shorts can be a little bit longer? Or maybe a pair of capri pants will look nice as well. Hehehhehehe....just my thoughts. :P

Hope you have a nice weekend! (It's typhoon no. 9 here right now. Scary!!!)


Julia said...


i never find any of Rihannas's hair style attractive? especially the recent one, look like a bird or something.

if you want to go for Katie's bob, i won't drag you back. it is cute indeed.

maxmara got some colorful stuff in the summer... it goes well with your orange sally, and gold CL.

i am not sure about the shorts. the material is for winter. no one say you can't wear silk with wool. but i say you go shop for a new short. haha. - i am bad. because i am a shopaholic. well, not as crazy as the one in the movie. not even near..

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, girls: how are you doing? I am busy preparing birthday favors for all the kids.......there are 15 kids favors I need to prepare individually.

So...Michelle: thanks...hah..I guess from some angle, I look quite macho..and you know, girls like my height, can't be BIG...otherwise we will look very CHUNKY. haha

The shorts...hum...i do pair it w/ Venassabruno capri already (mine is purple and yours is beige, taupe?) so I really want to try SHORTs this time.

Maybe I will ask my sis. Isabel bought me a shorts since she mentioned that she scored a pretty nice looking shorts from old navy..? I believe.

Hi, Julia: yap, I probably won't do that kind of short cropped like Rihanna's since I don't have that big of eyes..... well, nay, I don't think I like short hair. haha...

Yes, I think I will find shorts if I ever go to the mall.....these days, I am exhausted preparing party for my daughter and son..(Ilona doesn't have a big party, I just went to my friend's place w/ a yummy cake, that's all.) Niel is 5 so he will remember his party vividly, I sure will make this one unforgettable for him. No more Bday party after 5 for my kids. :)

Jenny said...

Hi Rachel,

I sent you a PM you via TPF for my e-mail address. Thanks again for invititation.

As for your hair, I prefer your long hair. I like the way you accessorize the simple outfit with CHANEL pearl. I so want to own the CHANEL pearl also :-)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Jenny:
Thanks. yes, I def. will keep my long hair until I am too old to have long hair. haha..

Oh, so why not save ONE, I mean LONG one w pearls, rhinestone, etc. You will be so content w/ that one .... well, at least it works for me. I forbidden myself to see more until I max out the use of mine. :)

yap, I send you an evite. Please check it out.


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