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13 July, 2009

Make a Wish w/ Russia Babushka doll!!

My friend, Michelle asked me about my opinion of Chanel Babushka doll's necklace once and I said "Not worth getting it"!! Now I am not so sure if I would say the same thing to this adorable babushka doll clutch!! lol However, even I want to find it, this doll clutch is probably long gone by now!!

I have a real Russia Babushka doll made in Russia which is a gift from 10 years ago! I couldn't find the same one in USA since this set of 15 nesting dolls are truly intricate!!

This is the biggest one which has the most exquisite engraving.

Total 15 of them! (2 are missing from the pic.)

I heard that you can make a wish w/ these nesting dolls. If your wish comes true, you can open one until all 15 are all open!! I never made any wish w/ them, guess I was too realistic of a person myself.

I don't know if each engraved temple/castle on the dolls represents something.

You can't open the smallest one which is only the size of the little finger nail.

I adore those golden tone Babushuka dolls very much.

I normally place 5 of them as representing 5 members in our family!


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! remembered I asked you about Matriochka/Babushka doll! Hehehe...I did get the costume jeweleries from this collection. I love them to death!

Your Babushka dolls are very beautiful indeed. I love the details too! should definitely make a's no harm trying, right? I am sometimes a "dreamer"...LOL! can still get the Chanel Baboushka Doll evening clutch with chain. It's US$6,000+ though. That's the only reason I didn't get it coz the price is scary. But it's definitely a collector's piece.


P.S. I took a "modeling" picture last weekend. Haven't got time to upload the pix yet. I'll share them with you gals in the mommy's thread and my blog soon. :D

litlstrawberry said...

grrr... I totally turned down by the price of that Babushka doll clutch after you told me.... well, gotta admit I don't have that kind of money to collect things like that...for original painting...I would! haha...


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