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03 March, 2012

Happy Weekend!!!



Have a good weekend.
xoxo Rachel


Charles said...

such a cute costume! great photos :) hope you are having a lovely weekend as well!

clueless said...

Hi Rachel,

I came across your blog while searching for style ideas. Your blog really caught my attention and after going through many of your older posts I can't help but have to get myself drop you a few lines. Your style is bold and vibrant. Love those colors. You make it seem so natural on you and effortlessly put together. My wardrope is full of earthtones, white and black as I'm afraid of mixing the wrong colors. After seeing your color coordinations it inspire me to be bolder. BTW, where do you keep your monstrous collections? Must have a very big closet. How do you organize them?

Rachel Cheng said...

Thanks, Charles. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Looking forward your spring looks too.
xo Rachel

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Clueless:

Thanks for your big compliments and you certainly made my day. ^O^

First of all, I don't have a monstrous collections but merely mix and match them well. I plan to revamp our walk-in closet by end of this year and hopefully I will have a before-after picture to show you.

This is how I tidy my closet,... I hang my clothes according to season(s/s and f/w) two big categories as in North Cal. you really can wear clothes all year round. Then I have separated drawers/sections for scarves/rainbow colors of tights/ work-out outfits/colored jeans/ black and white clothes/socks/underwear/belts/old shirts and old skirts but you know they are great to do layering. See, if you can organize those little essential things in their separated boxes/drawers/sections, and as details as possible, not only you will find your clothes/accessories easily but also you won't forget what you already got in your wardrobe and keep buying the same thing each season. You're de-cluttering a lot of useless things if you can put them into storages in the garage or somewhere else other than piled into your closet and also save tremendous spaces. As for rest of big clothes (like my designer's purchases), I hang them up for me to rotate season from season as well as for my mix-n'-match.

Hope this help.



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