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27 February, 2009

20s Young Girls vs. Early 30s Slightly Matured Women!!

Today I went out w/ my friend, Irene. We are at the age of what people categorize as slighted matured women. When we dress, we tend to think about the good manner of "being appropriate". However, when we were young, we never have to worry about wearing a secured panties under our mini skirt. We dress whatever we want regardless what people think.

Irene wants to find a panties so she can dress her little dress or mini skirt w/o worrying about a thing. So we went to American Apparel in Palo Alto.

I swear that we only spend 1 hr. at American Apparel before my little one fall deeply asleep in the stroller.

Irene and I had exactly same design of cardigan VESTs....mine is gray tone w/ dusty rose color while hers is gray. We don't know that we wear the same vest until we met up. hah....... Oh, of course except for we bought the cardigan vest from Taiwan together.

Irene's ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • American Apparel purple long tank
  • Gray cardigan long vest (bought in Taiwan)
  • Black/grayish cardigan
2. Bottom: Polk Dot navy hosiery (bought in Anthro.)
3. Gray scarf
4. Shoe: Frye gray oxford booties
5. Bag: Marc Jacobs Vinyl bag


1. TOP:
  • Cashmere crew neck gray top
  • M Mission ruffle layered neck n' skirt dress
  • Dust rose w/ gray tone long cardigan vest (bought in Taiwan)
2. Bottom: Moschino cheap and chic teal oil pull on boots w/ ruffle trim
3. American Apparel navy swirl hosiery
4. Chanel Dark Silver 07 reissue 227
5. Chanel 08 f/w brooch w/ camellia, clove, pink crystals decor.

M Mission ruffel skirt has some purple trim which echos w/ my tights.

Busy as bee!!

Both of Irene and I have to pick our kids up from school. We went home for snack to replenish energy and wait for
my son's 5 PM tennis class. Our whole family went together and DH even get off from work earlier. I want my son to feel that we are there for him until a day that he can attend the class alone.

He had so much fun at class and so do we.

Hi, I am awake!!


Isabel said...

Rachel - Ilona is so adorable!!! She's got the angelic face that you just want to hold her tight and give her a kiss... This ensemble is very you... For a while, you went minimalist.... I love your tights, they are very unique. Oh, what brand are your teal boots? Irene looks very nice too, love her anthropologie tights too. I almost bought the same pair, but didn't think I could pull them off after I tried them on. I like how she punctuated her ensemble with fuschia skirt. Oh thank you for your compliments on my ODJ yesterday, and yes, I wouldn't mind trading my jacket with your for a year!!

litlstrawberry said...

haha...Isabel: Thanks....yes, we should think how can we trade the jacket for a year...

Thanks for the sweet words for my little girl. YES...she is very very cute. My second daughter has the best skin while my little one has the cutest facial contour. hah..

Ok...I will go back to tpfer a while later...I think I might want to call "the guy".


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