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22 February, 2009

Day 3 after the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

I told DH that I feel suffocated w/o going out window shopping after yesterday. hah...I know, even just one day I felt I am deserted from the fashion week in NY.

Today, DH said that he wants to eat at
Left Bank at Santana Row. Well, why am I so surprised?? Because he said that just for me!!! He knows that I like going to fancy restaurants and feeling alive when just looking at the window display outside those shops. Oh, what a sweet guy for me!!! haha.....

Off we go Left Bank.

Today I call my outfit as
style of Rock and Roll + Posh Eclectic! (The term is credited to the book "The Lucky Guide to Master Any Style" )

Here is my inspiration!! (pic. credited to ,

1. TOP:
  • Navy blue ruched turtle neck w/ mosaic decor. top
  • No brand peasant dress/tonic top
  • Mcginn cropped vest (come w/ a blazer)
  • Vince leather jacket
2. Hosiery: Brown w/ tiny orange/white dots stockings
3. Rudy's black riding boots (bought in Paris)
4. Greenish/ taupe knitting scarf (bought in H&M)
5. Balenciaga Violet part-time w/ silver harware

Since I wore stockings instead of leggings, I think a pair of chic boots will compliment this edgier look better.

Poor my daughter...still feeling ill!

After brunch, we went to Border's bookstore and bought kids some books and art craft for fun!

I bought one passport cover for my son last year and found it is such a nice thing to distinguish his passport from rest of ours. Don't you just hate it when you have to sort through all the passports for the custom when traveling out of country. So I bought another two for my other kids and hopefully we will get through custom faster next time when traveling!!

Aren't those owl prints adorable!!
I even bought myself another key holder as I have one extra key w/o her clothes one. This owl key holder is more flexible than the monkey one I had!!

Kids are napping right now and I know tonight is another long night for me.

Shed off my Vince leather jacket as it is not that cold actually!


Isabel said...

Rachel - I love this outfit! It's very Parisian.... I remember we talked about pairing floral dress with leather jacket last time we met. It's very Sienna Miller!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, sister:
Thanks. You know, when one day I am feeling drained then next day I will have inspiration after seeing some good modeling pic. from you and others' at tpf.

I hate the raining here and kids are all sick......

Yes, I guess nowadays we can pair pretty much everything w/ leather jacket and look good. hah....

uvalife said...

Looking beautiful in your pictures! I'm going to have to try to imitate that picture!

Ah yes, it's shadowyi from tPf, nevermind the username I'm posting under.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, uvalife:
haha...thanks. You can rock that look for sure.

and love cars? I like fancy cars but never think about doing any research or even take pic. w/ them if they are NOT my cars. haha..

Betsy said...

Love the passport holders. I've been looking for some for my DD and DS too. Are they easy to take in and out of?

Your brown tights with orange dots are super cute!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Betsy: Thanks.

Yes....the passport holder are super cute, easy to use and of course it is very convenient to take passport out.
it won't block pic. from the passport and you don't really need to take it off as long as the custom can see the photos.

Thanks...I am crazy about all kinds/colors of hosiery. :)


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