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23 February, 2009

Gone crazy w/ retro style n' Do-it-yourself project on my old clothes!!

Why do people love to shop at eBay? Is it because everything is cheaper or is it just convenient? Or just want to find something which doesn't exist in the present time.

As I am pretty addicted to shop at vintage store these days and finding it is so fun to dress back time like 60s or 70s. I know, I don't just dress retro style, I also feel the history and have the right attitude. I definitely understand that when you dress up, don't let the ensemble speak louder than your personality.

Here is my little project I did last week after I read runway fashion magazine. Everyone loves nice brand, good quality clothes but not everyone would spend so much money on every piece of high brand clothes. I know I wouldn't.

I like
left ensemble of this Lanvin outfit w/ that light sophisticated and just the right feminine and modern look.

I cut off my old long sleeves shirt and transform it to a Lanvin-like look. Now I think I'd wear it more often this summer.

1. TOP:
  • Metallic silver long sleeves shirt altered to 1/2 length sleeves by myself
  • Chanel gray/red classic boucle jacket
2. Bottom: Nichols Rosae techno skirt w/ pocket and drawstring
3. Black legging
4. Embroidery necklace w/ beads (bought in Anthro.)
5. Bags:
  • Chanel Metallic Dark Silver reissue 227
  • Chanel Distressed white reissue 227
  • Chanel Gray lambskin classic jumbo
  • Lanvin leopard happy sac
6. Shoes:
  • Orange Boss of Hugo Boss olive green suede ankle boots w/ ruched cuff n' bow tie in back
  • Pink sparkling pointed heels w/ crystals strap (bought in Taiwan)
  • Chanel Gray w/ mini charms mary jane flat
Different combo of bags and shoes gives one ensemble the same posh look .

I will take off the stocking or change to a sheered pair w/ heels and my Lanvin happy sac in spring/summer.

I like the fact that the necklace almost looks it is attached on my shirt.

Although gray would go practically w/ everything, I would say this Chanel classic Gray jumbo doesn't impress me so much.

Metallic Dark Silver reissue w/ Chanel boucle jacket.

The last look is very much alike the
Lanvin runway style. And so I like the most.

Summer time~~


Betsy said...

Rachel -- I love how daring you are in altering your clothes! Do you actually own a sewing machine also so that you can put the seams back together on the cut off parts? It definitely gives an old piece like the satin shirt a new life.

Before reading your paragraph, I really thought the anthro necklace was part of your shirt too - great choice of combining the two.

You have such nice legs. Hope they are recovering well and quickly!

isabel said...

Rachel - I love your necklace, it's very Lanvin!! It's supposed to be the "it" necklace this season according to Bazaar. I will try to scan and post the picture tomorrow.... The color scheme of your outfit is very warm and complement your skin tone really well..

litlstrawberry said...

Hello, Betsy, and Isabel...thanks to two of you :) ...OH>>>>. I think that might be Lanvin not Marni...oh, my!!

I had another "retro" top altered by professional and I lent her my book for reference. well...I will check it once I had my book bag.

Yes, Betsy, I had a sewing machine but it is nothing I done professional. As long as you know how to plug the plug...there you can sew pretty much everything SIMPLE. haha....not alternation I would say. leg doesn't feel too good these days as I can't sit or stand too long.....keep my finger crossed though.

Isabel, you are too funny. You know, you are going nuts on Lanvin's necklace....cause' you almost comment all my nacklace is Lanvin alike. hah.... I have not purchase any Lanvin necklace as I know how they mark up the price as you pretty much can go bead store and DO_IT_YOURSELF. You will find it more practical w/ both the style and price you like. (you just have to LOOK and refer to the necklace you want. )

litlstrawberry said...

I mean once I had my book BACK!!!

Isabel said...

Rachel - This is the first time I said your necklace is Lanvin-like.... Your other necklaces are "marni" like... I think you got Lanvin and Marni mixed-up. Anyway, I took picture of the lanvin necklace, and will PM you at TPF.

litlstrawberry said...


yes, you are totally right...I think I mix up Lanvin and Marni these days as I read too many fashion magazine. haha...

OH, please pm me the lanvin necklace then. haha....

La Vanguardia said...

I love this outfit!


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