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20 February, 2009

Day 1 of the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

Well, my older daughter caught the cold from school so I decided to let my son stays home w/ us too. Then I don't have to drive all of us back and forth from school while my son will have his first tennis class today at 5 PM.

Today is the 1st day after my surgery.

I cannot get wet for my left leg and I had to have that "unbearable" tight hosiery on around the clock for 3 days. But how can I tolerant 3 days not washing my hair or even have a shower!!! I even went shower right after I delivered my babies while mom and in-laws told me not to for at least a month. They said, otherwise, I will have headache rest of my life. Oh....I am sorry, I just had to disobey them about that nonsense as my OB/GYN here in USA said.

You know in Asia, the labor is not as costly as rest of the countries. Women went to hair salon almost every day or at least every other day to have their hair washed, styled, nail trimmed, and even a good complimentary shoulder massage. The cost is probably only $20 for all of that service and you don't even need to tip them. Here in USA, all kinds of services are listed as explicitly as possible. Nothing is complimentary here speaking of

But how much can it cost just to have my hair washed and blow straight, right?? So I took all 3 of my kids to the asia salon near my place. I had my hair washed and styled, and it only cost me $14 plus $3 tips. Of course, I didn't get complimentary massage but I feel refreshed and pretty again. Besides, people in the salon are nice enough to let my 3 kids running around (not literally) and having their snack inside the salon. Can't complain about that either.

Here is my ODJ!

1. TOP:
  • White silk cami
  • Max&Co. bias shoulder strap pink flower cami
  • Splendid gray long cardigan
  • J Crew hot pink short sleeve cardigan
2. Bottom: DA-NANG green ruched w/ draw string capri pants
3. Chanel gray classic jumbo 08 f/w
4. Chanel gray mini charms mary jane flat
5. Vintage VERA lady bug silk scarf
6. My friend, Cathy, made me this necklace w/ reversible oster pearl pendent.

One side is green pastels w/ fuchsia bud and the other side is fuchsia pastels w/ green bud.

I love a versatile necklace and thanks Cathy again for this incredible necklace.

Since the hair band, hair clip, and hair accessories are so hot this spring/ summer, I think I should start giving it a try!!!

I even do a research for that Vera vintage scarf.

It looks I have a fan blow over my face to make special effect w/ that hair dance in the air...haha...


Isabel said...

Rachel - I am glad you are feeling better!! I totally miss the hair washing service in Taiwan. We were living in Taiwan when I was pregnant with my first, and I remember I would go get my hair washed whenever I was too lazy to blow dry my hair. I even tipped them so whenever I went, the girls that worked there all fought for my business. Oh, the ebay headband seller that was recommended by Patty (fendibag) is "sodamnkawaii", she has pretty cool headbands as well as other accessories, and she only charges $6USD flat rate shipping. I like your flower camisole, it's very spring-y! Did you end up getting that blue flower top from Max & Co?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel: are you? I have not had chance to compliment your ODJ..but I will do that later. Kids not taking their nap as I gave them too much vanilla milk shake from "The Counter" hamburger restaurant at Santana row.

Thanks for the ebayer. I will check it out. I have to have hair band w/ "teeth" to hold my I think my head is not so round in the back. haha...

yes, as you see the pink cami. is so similar w/ that navy one so I decided not getting it. They all come from Max&Co. and I think every year they will have something similar designs for that floral cami.

Oh...I got that denim sleeveless w/ pleats dress instead. But I will model it during summer again as it has a sexy cut on shoulders. (you know, those big cut out around the shoulder and back.) haha......


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