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02 February, 2009

Take layering to the next level....summer mix w/ winter clothes!!

I thought today will be cooler so I layered couple of my pieces on. However, it is way too hot in the noon to keep all those layering on so I had to shed one layer off. But that's the fun part of doing layering!! You can play w/ the textures of every clothes, the color and even the length of each piece. Better yet, you can either put on more layers or shed off couple clothes when the weather changes. If you are good enough w/ mix-n'-match, you can also mix summer clothes w/ your winter clothes and they will look totally a brand new ensemble on you.

1. TOP:
  • Zooey steel/gray turtleneck
  • Hugo Boss orange line floral crew neck blouse
  • Max&Co. black ruffle style layered dress
  • No brand vest
2. Raisin leggings
3. Bags: Marc Jacobs 08 limited MIKA collection bag in Taupe
4. Patent raisin belt
5. Shoes: Michael Kors oxford boots w/ brown ribbon of my choice
6. Chanel black 09 bow w/ cc logo dangle earrings

7. Elfi designer's jade w/ 18 K bead on 18 K gold chain necklace

You can see the different textures of each piece.

I have total matching colors from my all ensemble.

I really like my new shoe laces which even goes w/ my Marc bag.

w/o the vest, it is much cooler!! Oh, I love the sun in California!!


La Vanguardia said...

That is a very avant-garde outfit ... so creative!

litlstrawberry said...

he he....thank you, La!!!

what can I say, I am stick w/ my ban and I really don't own much clothes!!!! hahahahha....

Isabel said...

I love this outfit!! I love all the jewel-tone colors. I love the ribbons on your shoes, they make the shoes pop out! Good job, R

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel:

Thanks for stopping by know, I think most of my time is either here or tpfer...and also some shopping site. Although I didn't buy anything particular from the website but I think net-a-porter, matchfashion and my-wardrobe are great sites to get inspiration too.

Tomorrow I am thinking visit downtown Saratoga since I don't know where Elfi is at this moment!! Then I will be able to tell you that gallery!!


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