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03 February, 2009

Chanel Mommy's fun time!!

This morning, Cathy and I decide to take kids to San Francisco city. There is nothing in particular in our plan but we just think it has been a while since the last time we were out together.

But you know what, when kids are involved, everything seems to be unpredictable. Speaking of time management, it occurs to me that I used to be very strict about being on time but it was before having kids. Now I still try my best to be on time in every appointment, kids' check-ups, friends meeting......etc. but a lot of mommy friends of mine are horrible about being on time!!!

So, when Cathy called me this morning, it was 9:30 AM. But when she and her older son arrived at my place, it was almost 11 AM. You know what I have done in 1 1/2 hr. while waiting for her. I had my breakfast (I am ready to go w/ my outfit of the day.), took my pic. of ODJ, prepared the diaper bag and even vacuum the 1st floor of my house. Well, I guess it was worth the wait then.

We went to couple boutiques in SF city to check out s/s collection and had a nice lunch at the restaurant inside Emporio Armani boutique. I had to pick up my other 2 kids at school so we had to leave the city before 3 PM. But it is really nice for us mommies to catch up even only couple hours. We had a wonderful day!!

I play w/ heels which I think they all match in some ways!!

1. TOP:
  • 123 Korean brand jersey w/ metallic skirt dress
  • Kersh cobalt cotton vest
  • Tracy Reese cropped/wrap cardigan
2. Bag: LV Damier Berkerly
3. Shoes:
  • Pink sparkles w/ crystals heels (bought in Taiwan)
  • Jean-Mitchel Cabazat metallic purple buckle Sandal
  • Betsy Johnson cobalt w/ bow on back heels
4. Chanel 08 f/w pink crystals/pearls/camellia/clove brooch
5. Chanel 08 s/s pink camellia dangle earrings

First, I match my heels w/ my Chanel brooch n' earrings---PINK!!

Yes, I play w/ my cardigan and think this casual way of wrapping around my shoulder is fun.

Second, I had my heels matches my skirt.....well, the color is close enough.

Third, I think the Betsy Johnson heels can go w/ my cobalt vest.

W/ cardigan on might not be that perfect w/ color flow, in my opinion.

Last one...the real fun time!!


Isabel said...
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Isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

You and Cathy looked like you had a great time! I have always wondered how you make it back in time to pick up your kids from SF? Doesn't it take more than one hour each way? So most of time are spent driving, no? I think you going to SF is the same distance as me going to Beverly Hills, and I hate driving there!! But again, LA is notorious for its bumper to bumper traffic. Oh, I love your pink sparkly shoes, are the straps crystallized? I also love Cathy's boots, they are very "Kate Moss"

little fish said...

Hello Rachel

I miss you too much, and I am very happy that now you have your own blog. Congrats ! I really really love all your outfits and mod pics, please keep them coming.
THis is my most fav outfit so far...I feel comfortable by just looking at your pics...


La Vanguardia said...

The blue shoes look fab with the outfit!

IMfearless said...

ur soo gorgeous as usual, u know what your impressive collections of clothes and accessories is killing me.. its timeless, chic and classic. love it.
im soo excited to finish school and work..

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel: know, Cathy called me Highway No. 1 since I am like flying a car when driving!!!!!! My mother-in-law comments on my driving as influenced by my pilot father...who flies airplane!!! hah...

It took me 45 Min. each way to SF city. If I have to pick up my kids by 3:45 PM, I just leave around 3 PM. Well, of course there are couple times I am late!!!

Thanks for liking the sparkle heels, they are my wedding gown heels!!!! Yes, the straps are crystallized. You know, it is very common in Taipei to see girls wearing all kinds of sparkle things on them.

Oh, you know, I still have not had chances to go Saratoga..but I think I still can make it before your trip here.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey hey, little fish: It is so good to hear from you ..especially here in the blog!!! How are you??/ Busy in studying??? I miss you very much too. know I like layering and sometimes I'd go w/ all the fuss to make my ensemble work. But you know what, that's why I actually don't own a big wardrobe....mix n' match will make you think I have lots of new clothes all the time!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, La:
I thought you might like the blue heels to go w/ the ensemble. In your outfit, you always tend to dress w/ flair or little drama to make the whole outfit so interesting!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, You're fearless:
haha... thank you for the kind blandishments. I have to tell you I don't own big wardrobe just good at wearing what I have!!

I am so happy to hear you like my ensembles and be passionate w/ your life too. Yes, study and work young as possible, I believe those hard work will pay off some day!!!


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