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02 February, 2009

Tiered top, tiered dress and tiered skirt, which style suits you better??

Just thought I might just post my outfit on Sun. to share w/ you all. I had this two tone tiered top on w/ a very simple cut of riding pants. After Sunday worship, husband and I took kids to this small play ground in Santana Row of San Jose. This is a very confined play ground so we don't have to worry about the street cars at all. I told my DH that he doesn't even need to watch the kids and still be able to browse the internet throu. his I-phone at the same time.

1. TOP:
  • Anna Paul black n' white tiered top
  • Splendid gray long cardigan
2. Bottom: 3.1 Phillip Lim riding tight pants
3. Shoes: Monalo blanihk brown buckle heels
4. Bag: Balenciaga Violet part-time bag
5. Accessory: Kate-spate designer multiple colors beaded earrings


La Vanguardia said...

Love the shoes!

Isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

I luuurve your top!!!! It's so fun, flirty, and chic.... I am always look for something that is comfortable but chic. From your other post, you mentioned you get your inspirations from shopping websites. I also have couple of websites that I go religiously to get inspirations. One of the them is the elle website and there is a section that is called "street chic" where they take pictures of real women around the world. Here is the link:
The other one is a french blog where most of the pictures are taken in Paris:
Just thought you might enjoy them.

Betsy said...

Cute tiered top! I notice you wear a lot of heels... any tips of wearing them well? I just can't see to wear them long enough. Your shoes really make your outfits look extremely well put together.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, La, Isabel and Betsy.

Yes, I agree w/ all of you that a pair of nice ...or I should say designer shoes will upgrade a understated ensemble a lot better!!!!!

Isabel, thanks again for the link and I love those street photos as I really enjoy reading them in the mag. sometimes too. Oh... I think I probably need to find sometime by this weekend stop by Saratoga..since today I went to SF city.

Betsy: I am just used to wearing heels and I try to suck my tummy and straighten my back as I walk....practice is the key!! hah..
Oh, so far, the music class will keep the original settlement unless Sara has any afternoon slot open for us. However, I think you can just join us and see how does your daughter like her know, for FUN!!!


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