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19 February, 2009

What normal people would do after surgery?

Rest!!! Normal people would rest right after their surgery as they need to gain back their energy and get a full recovery.

But not me. Not until I burn out my last energy and had to drag my feet home. haha....

The whole surgery takes about 45 min. for my left leg. I leave out the details of the operation as I am pretty sure a lot of girls would want the surgery just as much as I do. We all want our legs look glamorous under mini skirt, hot shorts,.....everything and I don't want scare them away w/ the poking part of finding the vein. (Ok, it hurts much more than having a blood-draw.) I just have to elevate my leg after long walk.

The anesthesia shots goes from my knee all the way to crotch after they found the vein. I lose count how many little shot they gave me.

My Doc. told me that I am the best dressed patient of the day!!! I don't know should I be happy about it or it is a sarcastic way of saying O My GOD to me. haha.... I know, they want to talk jokes to relax me!!

I told my Doc. that it is fun to watch the TV "Gray Anatomy" but it is not so fun to be at the reality side of the show.

I met Irene after the surgery. We went to shopping w/ my limping leg. haha.. My SA said that I am a hard-cored shopping woman!! (I think that's what she meant! ha..) I wore another hosiery over the prescribed one by Doc. so you cannot tell. But it actually hurts behind my smile!!

My ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • Max & Co. denim sleeveless pleated dress
  • No brand Bias-cut cardigan w/ union jack pattern in the back
2. Bottom: Rainbow striped hosiery
3. Shoes: Max & Co. brown and off-white strap heels
4. Chanel distressed white reissue 227
5. Belt: RUGBY

How fun is the stocking!! I really like the cut of this cardigan!!

My son is w/ me while my 2 daughters and DH are resting at home.

Irene's daughter is so cute and I think she should receive the best dress of little girl reward too.


isabel said...

Rachel - What were you doing out??? You should be home resting! I cannot believe you went shopping after your surgery. On the other hand, you looked fantastic... Only you can pull-off horizontal stripped tights because you have such slim legs...

orihime said...

praying for a healthy and speedy recovery for you! no more shopping- get some rest! =0P

you look amazing as usual, as if you never went for surgery =0)

Betsy said...

Rachel -- a truly shopping queen! Are you sure you should be exerting force on your legs right after surgery? I hope you'll be resting more over the weekend. I don't know how you do it but you still look fabulous. The no-name cardigan and the belt combination is so flattering and I might just have to find a similar thick belt too.

And I agree with others, only you can pull off the horizontal stripped tights because of your beautifully slim legs.

Rest up, lady!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel, orihime and Betsy:
Thanks 3 of yours comforting....I am feeling fine but I do ask Doc. if I can do normal activities as walking, shopping...etc. except weight lifting...(which is my favorite exercise.) haha...

I will have a follow-up on March 3rd to see if I need another non-surgical shots for tiny veins.

I have to say I get a little impatient w/ kids since I cannot put much weight on my left leg but I still have to hold my little one most of the time. However, I think it is a good experience/ lesson for my kids as I need to let them know ONE DAY their mom need their extra care as well. haha.... oh....well.....

Good day, ladies!!

Maria Teresa said...

i like the look except for the socks and bag.


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