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11 February, 2009

Today's color ~~ Yellow!!

Yellow is such a nice color!! I don't know if it is just me paying more attention on people wearing yellow outfit on the street or it is because me wearing yellow a lot these days. I must say it really is a pop-up and pretty color to flatter almost everyone!!

After yesterday's worked out, I think today I only want to have fun w/ colors. :)

1. TOP:
  • H & M yellow turtleneck
  • H & M gray bustier
  • Max & Co. Peterpam collar jacket in dusty light pink
2. Bottom: BCBG gray/white pants
3. Shoes: Lanvin two tones flats
4. Bag: Chanel timeless clutch Dark Silver Hawaii exclusive
5. Accessory:
  • Chanel 08 set of 3 vanity pins
  • Vintage metal flower pin w/gradient color
6. Hermes various blue scarf as a belt
7. Yellow beret ( with or without)

I think the jacket looks very dull if only has Chanel pins on so I add anther pin to accentuate the grouping look.

No beret but w/ jacket on.

I probably can take off the bustier too.

Accessories do help a person dresses up w/ personal flairs. You get different look w/ hats on or off, w/ jacket or w/o jacket....etc. It is fun!!

How about a yellow beret?

I think I am going to take off the bustier!


isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

I actually like the bustier on with this outfit! I think it adds a dimension and grey top/bottom creates a monochromatic look that's very slimming (not that you are fat or anything)! Flats also make this ensemble very relax and refreshing...

litlstrawberry said...

haha...yes, Isabel: even if you said the bustier makes my tummy look fat, I won't mind ....haha....since I am pretty sure mine is not big ...hhaa...

Thanks, dear little sister. Oh, do you want to go to NM trunk show on Sat? I can pick you up too.

Betsy said...

Very Parisian inspired outfit, especially with the yellow beret! I love that you are wearing your Hermes as a belt b/c that definitely adds a splash of color to bring out the yellow.

Did I mention that I got the two-toned Lanvin flats a while back too! I just couldn't resist the discount. Gotta love how well it goes with your Hermes scarf.

Betsy said...

I want to go to the Trunk Show... :P But alas, I won't be in town. Hope you guys have a blast!!

litlstrawberry said...

Have a great time w/ family!! Take tons of pic. and share w/ us when you are back!!!!

Did you get the same 2 tones flat as mine??? yes, if it wasn't on sale I won't be getting them....hha...


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