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09 February, 2009

Delayed Birthday Gift From Dear Friend, Cathy!

This afternoon, my friend, Cathy, told me that she finally finished my birthday gift---her handmade necklace, just for me. I am very excited even it was for my birthday last year when my birthday of this year is like 6 mon. away. Hah!! I know, when you have an "artist" brain, inspiration is what's all about. If you don't have it, you cannot come up w/ anything. Just like me painting, it is something you cannot force yourself and expect something nice in return.

She still needs to finish the hook at two ends. But I cannot wait to share it w/ you all here.

I will show how does it looks like on me when she is actually DONE w/ it!!

Me? I shed off my upper layer of ensemble from this morning. I don't want get oil splashed while cooking. Instantly I had the feeling that this white shirt would go w/ my cropped blazer perfectly. Therefore, I asked Cathy take pic. for me while she is measuring the length of necklace for me over my house.

1. TOP:
  • Dimesion white ruffle collar and cuff shirt dress(bought in Paris)
  • Mcginn cropped black blazer
2. Bottom: Wool winter leggings w/ side buttons (bought in Paris)
3. Shoes: Fornarina satin bow heels
4. Chanel Dark Silver timeless Clutch from Hawaii exclusive
5. Accessory:
  • 3 different length/size black beaded necklaces
  • Black beads earrings
  • Feberge 18K gold w/ diamond and blue lapis, red sapphire cross necklace
Never thought those round beads would pop out a style!!

I think I need to iron that shirt!!! OR, take it to dry-clean will be easier!! Hah!

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