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26 February, 2009

Big shoulder + Mini Part II !!!

So the fashion indeed comes around and goes around every 10 or 15 years!! The big shoulder look is back!! Runway shows are full of the 80s inspired look, big shoulder, bright colors, and exaggerated expression and accessories! Haha, oh ~~ just like Madonna's style in the movie of "Desperately Seeking Susan!"

Desperately Seeking Susan (Theatrical Trailer)
Uploaded by NakedBrotha2007

In Japan, there is a new phrase describing girls who read fashion magazine everyday and copy exactly what's on the runway look. You merely see their personality nor so-called
style at all through what they wear. They called this kind of girl...."sweet heart girl".

In fact, that's not too bad for a nickname at all and doesn't even sound anything wrong to me. I guess girls wear runway or trendy look is still fabulous but if a girl can say "Wow, it's cute, but NO, it does suit me." Then I would say that girl knows her own style!!!

This is a jacket I am in love w/.

pic. credited to

Today,I am up to the big shoulder challenge w/ my personal style again.
I figured that I have to be brave and creative for this big shoulder coat to have the back to 80s look.

This morning, I went grocery shopping w/ my little one in Target. A lady about her 50s or 60s commented on my outfit, she goes: "What a beautiful outfit!!!" I thanked her kind blandishments and think I must have done it right w/ the look. If I recall it right, I was only 5 yrs. old when Madonna's career hit the sky high around 1980s.

Here is my ODJ.

1. TOP:
  • no-lita net sleeves w/ shoe laces in front top
  • no brand sleeveless sweater
  • St. John for Imagnin evening jacket
2. Bottom: H&M gray mini jean skirt
Teal colored hosiery
Purple w/ metallic sheen belt
5. Rudy's
riding boots (bought in Paris)
6. Accessory: Pink beads w/ gold chain necklace
7. Bag: Chanel distressed white reissue 227

I thought the pink beaded necklace will soften the edgy look and add a little feminine. Maybe I can find a gold metal chain necklace too.

I like colored tights, so I update this 80s look w/ this teal hosiery and my big smile. :)

This sleeves has the sexy design which should go better w/ the exaggerated jacket.

Every single piece has a little surprise!!

Sorry that my camera is broken and I don't know how to use my husband's fancy camera!!

Now I have this very ME look and love it!!


Isabel said...

Rachel - I think your teal tights really accentuate the sparkles from your blazer!! I cannot believe shoulder pads are coming back.... I have sworn I would never wear clothes with shoulder pads again, but I think your ensemble might have changed my mind. Oh, the gladiator sandals you showed me this morning are very hot, but I don't think I can do stilettos, I need wedges, especially when the shoes are over 3 inches...

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel: Thanks, sweet heart. :)

You know, I think I might have worn jacket w/ shoulder pad ONCE in my early age..... maybe from my mom...haha..

I notice the differences of our gladiator shoes and I was thinking about that too. But funny thing is I sprained my ankle before this time is when I wore my wedge sandal in Cal poly....haha..I skipped some classes just because I have that excuses I can't walk. hah...I think my professor knows I am just being lazy. hehe...

Ok...back to the heel....I will think about it harder....stilettos or wedges!! (As wedges is still HOT.)


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