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20 February, 2009

Designer Scarves: A Vintage Vera Scarf and a Scarf by Lanvin!!

I have to credited both the title and the pictures to a website called Fashion-era.

Like I said, when I buy things, I want they have sentimental values to me. Would it be a necklace of souvenir from traveling or a scarf found in vintage shop, we can't afford buying baubles when we get older. What are we going to do w/ all those trinkets after we die?? They might all wind up sitting in the attic like hidden treasure. What a waste!!! I think I am going to label all my accessories and separately store costume jewelry from real GOLD. Now, I just give myself a good reason to buy me another nice jewelry box. haha.......

I had two things that's so called Collector pieces!! I like vintage style from 1950s and I sure will research more about fashion during the era and that will be great help when I hunt for vintage treasure.




Isabel said...

Rachel - Where did you find these goodies??? You need to take me there when I visit next time!!

litlstrawberry said...


One Vintage shop near my place and another one in Los Altos. I thought you have a lot vintage shops in LA????!!!!

Betsy said...

Gorgy scarves... I've recently become a fan of Lanvin b/c of all the holiday sales on the flats. I kept checking Kirna Zabete website ( for any additional discounts and sizes and saw some of Lanvin's bags, RTW and other items and I really love them.

Rachel - I know you got your beautiful Happy Sac from Barneys here, but did you get to check out any Lanvin stores or stores that carry the brand?

Isabel said...

Rachel - There are a lot in L.A., but I don't know any in O.C. because it is relatively new here. I guess I could explore Newport Beach area, but the ones I know are consignment stores, and they are more expensive. I don't feel like paying so much for second-hand stuffs, KWIM?


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