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01 February, 2009

How much are you willing to invest in yourself that you are interested?

These days, I am thinking of polishing the skill of doing make-ups. You know, the real professional make-ups!! I always amazed by those very precise and clean make-ups on runway models. I believe moderate make-ups will flatter every woman and bring out more of their inner beauties too.

I know confidence doesn't come from make-ups but nature beauty definitely shine from both inside and outside of a person. I think it will be a fun thing to do even I am not doing make-up artist as a job or career.

Therefore, here comes the question!! It takes thousand to couple thousand dollars to learn a complete professional make-ups. Let alone the time you have to put into practice until you have full confidence doing on someone else's face and not ruin it!! And those are the kind of money-spending most people would think unnecessary if you are not doing it for a living. Today, my husband and I actually talked about if this is what I am always interested and something that I never had the chances to fulfill and now I can persevere in finishing it. Yes, now I am comparing the money I spent on tuition w/ luxury items, I tend to choose something which gives me instant pleasure. This is something that I really need to seriously think about!!! Without my husband's support, who is going to taking care of my 3 young kids while I am away.

Ok, let's change subject to something more fun here. I pull out my old pic. of ensembles which I put together for my Agnes' b pants. I am so happy that I had wore it in so many ways last year!! Now it is time to have it dry-clean for the next season. well, if the pants is still an up-to-date look.

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