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22 February, 2009

Day 2 after the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

Yesterday, we went to dim sum for brunch as every weekend. But since DH, my son and older daughter all caught the flu and have fever on and off, we went home rest.

There, I had simple black and white outfit again!!! Do I feel bored w/ this black n' white combination? NO, and never!!

When I had a mood to wear something, I might be consistent of wearing the ensemble until I am satisfied w/ the look. I was trying to wear that striped blazer as often as I can to have my money worth it too. Meanwhile, I want to see how does this white top look after I altered it myself. I bought it at size XL, and imagine I am normal size 0 to 4. That white shirt is way too big w/o any alternation.

This top has a pretty looping stitches.

I tore the treads around one shoulder and turned it into a
one shouldered top.

Do I look like I am ready for the play of Kong Fu Panda II!!! haha......

1. TOP: Tsesay white shirt w/ loop stitches (altered to one shouldered top for a updated look)
2. Bottom: Joseph black wool pants w/ stitches around the waist
3. Shoes: Lanvin two toned flat
4. Belt: Max&Co. 3 roses decor. leather belt
5. Chanel distressed white reissue 227
6. Gray vintage designer Vera lady bugs scarf
7. Accessory:
  • Chanel black bow w/ cc logo dangle earrings 09 cruise collection
  • Movado loop necklace
  • Tiffany heart necklace
I still have that super tight hosiery on left leg. I think that leg are getting even slimmer because of the constrained pressure!!

The platform heels will make this look more sophisticated instead of flat!!


Betsy said...

Fun alteration that you did for your white shirt! White and black combo is such a classic that it's impossible to get tired of. And of course, when you add that very cute Max and Co. belt, it adds another dimension to the ensemble.

I have yet to break out my two-toned Lanvin flats yet but I'm always getting inspiration from your wear.

litlstrawberry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
litlstrawberry said...

oops...Betsy: I tried to "correct a type of my words...but I guess I have to delete the whole comment.

Well, I just say that all 3 of mine are napping while DH is at client's office so I am kinda of bored at home.

Well, yes, I wear flat a lot these days but I think I am really a heel person. haha...


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