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25 February, 2009

Day 6 after the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

I still cannot wear heels until my Doc. approval. I wore my Chanel flat out ...but just don't think it matches my ODJ so I took pic. w/ a pair of better alternatives.

I am very happy as I received my Chanel Rodeo Drive Large Tote today. I sent my bag to have it repaired last year in Dec. It reminds me my family's Paris trip last Nov. and we had such a wonderful time in France. W.henever I carried this Chanel tote, I feel like going to a vacation in Europe again.

I am in a mood of sailing!!

The belt is almost the same shade as my heels.

1. TOP:
  • Max&Co. gold sparkle dark brown shirt
  • Colcci tartan vest (made in Brazil)
2. Bottom:
  • black riding pants/leggings
  • tag fall off - longer leg pants w/ slits at side(made in UK)
3. Shoes: Jean-Mitchel Cazabat metallic brown/purple two buckles strap heels
4. houndstooth scarf
5. Belt: purple belt w/ metallic sheen
6. Bag:
  • Chanel Gray classic jumbo
  • Chanel black Rodeo Drive Large tote
I will shed off riding pants in the summer for a sexier look....:P

w/ Chanel Gray classic jumbo

W/O scarf, I like this MOD look w/ Gray Jumbo classic.


Betsy said...

What a cool pant-in-pant look. I use to wear tons of vest back in the late 90s and I"m so glad I didn't donate them. I'm trying to rotate them back into my wardrobe and make them fashionable again... through your inspirations.

Hope your leg is doing ok today!

Betsy said...

Also, I've been meaning to ask you about your Max&Co items. I noticed that you have quite a few things from them. Do you buy them here in the US or in Asia? There has been some sales there and I'm tempted to buy a few pieces, but I'm not sure if the deals here are good or not.

isabel said...

Rachel - I like this ensemble with the Rodeo better than the grey jumbo! It adds a certain nonchalance to your outfit... Oh, I bought Betsy's leopard print scarf, maybe I will receive it next week.... Since pants are so big this season, I want to ask you what you think about harem pants? I saw a pair at Zara today, but not sure if I could pull them off??

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy:
Thanks. I will post some pic.of pant in pant as I don't quite get it when first time I read them in the magazine...I thought it is total silly and remind me of my DH's basketball pants...(they would wear some tight inside the big big boxer shorts when playing basketball...haha)

Yes, do wear your I just donate some of my DH's clothes w/ his approval. He never wears those this last year at all.

I like Max&Co. as MOST of them are make in Italy, Brazil...w/ original materials. They are timeless too. IF you don't really sure what's IN, Max&Co. is a basic place to shop as you will find both great cut and trendy stuff there. I shop there quite a lot and they always has private sale for 20%off...then 40% and 50%off. It is so much cheaper compare to the price in Taipei. You should check it out. We mommy friends shop there a lot and we get acquaintance w/ the manager in Max&Co. for years.

litlstrawberry said...

Yes, I think I like that w/ Rodeo better....I miss Paris so much when I look at my Rodeo bag and all the pic. hanging in our office.

Great, so you finally got that you just have to work it w/ your outfit.

I saw quite some in Zara and I love all of them...but I was thinking about the same thing....can I pull it off? and WHY should I get it? Maybe I don't need that piece to show I am "trendy". haha....But you def. should try some color, different fabric I know it will flatter anyone who find the right fabric or color of that harem pants.

Good luck....and let us know if you do buy one at the end. hehe..

Betsy said...

Rachel -- That's great to know that Max & Co. is a great place to shop for pieces that will last a while. I've always wanted to step in there but I'm slightly intimated b/c I remember it being so expensive in Taipei. Anyhow, I'll definitely check it out next time I'm in Stanford. However, I should be more careful with the way I spend these days or else DH is going to freak out soon.

litlstrawberry said...

oh, Betsy: before you shop, you can check out if they have private sale or when is the next sale...As me and Isabel just visited there when they have 20%off private sale. I bought that jean cut-off shoulder dress (I wore that on the day of my surgery) w/ 20% off.

You can email me if you want to stop by there next time..I can go w/ you too. :)


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