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08 February, 2009

Family Quality Time!

My obsession these!! The most expensive scarf I ever spent on!! I cannot wait till this summer to wear/wrap it as my top!!!

I went to SF city two days in a row this weekend. Maybe it is because I came from a big city, Taipei, Taiwan so I really like the vibe there. You can see people in every walk of life from all over the country in a big city. Everyone is full of curiosity and excitement in the big city. For me, it is like watching a fashion show in live!!!

I want to use this bleu scarf to bring out the blue/lavender undertone of my bag!!

Then I think my ensemble aren't warm enough when going to SF city, the scarf end of wrapping around my neck all the time!! haha...

We planned to take kids to SF zoo this morning but it rained a little so we decided an indoor fun would be a better alternatives. We took kids to ride marry-go-around in downtown San Francisco and also discovered a small but well-equipped playground for kids there. We didn't spend much time explore there but I think that's a great place to be visited again. It is a family and friends friendly place in such a big crowded city.

1. TOP:
  • Hugo Boss Orange line white turtleneck w/ side drawstring
  • Emporio Armani Marin stripped v-neck tee
  • Zara multiple stripped blazer
2. Bottom: Hudson wide leg jeans
3. Shoes: Dior patent quilted booties
4. Chanel 08 s/s CC logo w/ 2 onyx beads dangled earrings
5. Chanel distressed white reissue in 227 08/09 cruise collection
6. Hermes' bleu jean/blanc/turquoise scarf (bought yesterday in boutique)
7. Sonia Rykiel Swarovski owl brooch

Waiting for the ride!

Kids are all bundled up.......yes, I need a blanket too!!!

Once in a while we will catch this perfect action shot from our kids!! Love it!!


Isabel said...

Rachel - Congrats on your scarf!! Don't you just love the vibrant colors! The first time I bought mine, DH went with me and even he was impressed with the strong color saturation and quality. Your ensemble looks great, you look like you are going on a cruise. Your daughter is so cute, I love her denim dress.

grAndeHuGkiS said...

ur kids are cute.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel:
Yes, the scarf is a great touch for every just makes woman feel SO grown-ups!!! Anyway, I don't feel like talking fashion w/ my DH since he said that he had enough for last week. I have to let him digest before I give him more info. about fashion...haha........haha....... older daughter is really sweet but she is very independent compared to my other kids.

litlstrawberry said...

grAndeHuGkiS: oh..thanks, you are very kind!!


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