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10 February, 2009

Big shoulder + Mini !!!

This is a vintage evening jacket I found which is from St. John. I fall in love w/ that exquisite details of round plastic thing on top, the pattern in the background and the metallic sheen of it. It keeps me going back and forth to the store just to look at it. Finally I took the plunge to challenge a new look w/ it in my mind.

Normally I wouldn't look into their collection since I don't think they would go w/ my style. However, this way big size of 8 could be the perfect "big shoulder" style which I am up to!!

  • Kenneth Cole wide collar short sleeves wool turtle neck
  • St. John evening jacket super large size 8
2. Bottom: i. Blues mini black skirt (Made in Italy)
3. Black hosiery
4. Shoes:
  • Nine west past season heels
  • Rudy's Black riding boots (bought in Paris)
5. Accessory:
  • Brass mini disc necklace
  • Elfi's design of 18 K gold w/jade n' round gold bead earrings(They have a matching necklace)
6. Chanel Dark Silver timeless Clutch Hawaii Exclusive

The jacket looks like made from snakeskin!!!!

Can you tell the big shoulder?

w/ heels

w/ boots which is more of me likie style!!


Kai W. said...

I LOVE THIS LOOK! It's so retro 70's glam! Excellent, excellent, excellent. I find it hard to believe that this vintage jacket is size 14. Talk about how vanity sizing has changed over the years and taken over...

litlstrawberry said...

Hello, kai:

I did some research of my Faberge necklace and I just realize how precious it is!! Thanks again.

Yes, if this is size 14 then I would think it is probably a cropped and very fitted blazer w/ its original design. I would never think of getting a size of 14 clothes if I didn't see it in person. haha...... just by thinking I am wearing size 0 to 4!!!!! haha.......

litlstrawberry said...

I just double checked the size of the is size 8... I think that's about right. Otherwise I really start wondering how small/tight w/ size 2 will be then..haha.....

orihime said...

I love this outfit! I know you mentioned that you sometimes get ideas from Japanese magazines... Do you usually like looking at J magazines or American magazines for ideas?

Once again, sorry for the lag! =0) I will send you some cute icons right now! Let me know which ones you like!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Tammy:
I read runway magazine to update the trend. Mostly I read American mag. for "real" look since you know, runway look is too dramatic to wear.

Japanese mag. is only for finding cute things as they really know how to make little trinkets and just so adorable. When I travel back to Taipei, I look for things I saw from those Japanese mag.

Betsy said...

This is such a surprise look from you, as I had never seen you with a 70s glam look. It's fantastic though because you manage to put a bit of modern twist to you. Kudos!

Do you own any other St. John pieces?


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