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24 February, 2009

Mix n' Match from 40s to 70s!!!

Ruffle skirt is always a staple of being feminine w/ a little flirty. I found a longer length ruffle skirt which will give me a more sophisticated look. I like the term "Posh eclectic" (credited to The Lucky guide to mastering any style.) for the style I had on today.

I found women are even sexier when dress mixed old Hollywood glamour w/ urban sleekness.

I always like dusty rose color and variation of that color spectrum. I found this St. John Contour (runway) ensemble has pretty much about everything I am looking for.

Here is my ODJ!!

1. TOP
  • white silk cami.
  • Gucci black ruched neck tank top
  • St. John Contour
  • Jill Stuart green cropped peplum coat
2. St. John Contour ruffle skirt
3. Shoes: Rudy's riding boots (bought in Paris)
4. Bag: Lanvin Happy Sac
5. Belt: Ellen Tracy camel belt w/ gold bamboo style buckle
6. Accessory:
  • Cameo earrings (bought at vintage store)
  • Rose motif necklace w/ gold chain (bought at vintage store)
I always love cameo necklace, ring or earrings. I found this very old pair of real cameo earrings in the second hand shop and absolutely adore it. It is so old that there are some rusty green in the back of the earrings and you even have to screw them onto your earlobe.

Now I might just need to find a matching cameo necklace to go w/ my cameo earrings.

Here are the looks w/o coat on.

The Jill Stuart coat really transform the whole look and the way I like better.

I really like this light weight, chic Jill Stuart coat to balance the grayish/pinkish feminine ensemble on me.

My little one always wants to be in the camera w/ me.

Hello, there. Here are my 3 little ones.


White Lily said...

Beautiful dress! May I suggest a simple pearl necklace instead of another cameo pendant?
It's my favorite combi. Cameo earrings with pearl necklace, or a cameo necklace / pin, with pearl studs!! Have a great day!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Lily:
Yes, I think that's a great idea. The rose motif necklace is way too tiny to lighten up the outfit.....

So what length of pearl necklace you think would go better....longer or a one sits around collar bone? I see what you mean.....or a cameo necklace w/ longer drop?

Should find something like that then...

Thanks, lily.

Betsy said...

What a romantic ensemble today... i love the last pic with your three kids. they are naturals in front of the camera just like mom.

isabel said...

Rachel - I love your dress! I see your little one has water color all over her pants - must got it on when I spoke to you yesterday.... I love cameo too!!! I bought a cameo ring when I was in Italy for my honeymoon. It seems like we like similar things, we should go shopping together again.... I had a good time!

litlstrawberry said...

haha...HI, Betsy, know, I thought about taking kids back to Taipei this summer to shoot some commercial..if they got accepted. well, then the second thought is ...what if they got addicted and I think it is a bad thing. Most star kids end of not going so well when grow up...haha..... (Well, I know Drew Barrymore had a hard time after ET...but now she is going great w/ her movie career. haha)

litlstrawberry said...

Isabel: you know, the store in Saratoga has the cameo vintage necklace in 1944 when I went back to pick up this st. john outfit. is not a is top and bottom I can pair them w/ other outfit.

Anyway, I admire that necklace again and is about $270 and I don't know should I buy it or not. It is really pretty and simple w/ a bead drop done the cameo.

haha...yes, my little one has that all over her pants, hands, even feet. I don't know why she likes pants on her hands and feet so much. haha.....KIDS!!!

litlstrawberry said...

Let me know when is your next trip here...oh, I spoke to my mom yesterday as she said she hang out w/ that guy's mom still but she needs to double check the phone number again.

How tall if your sister?

isabel said...

My sister is not that tall, she's 5'3".... Oh, as for the cameo necklace, I am sure it's gorgeous, but $270 is a little steep.... You know, we have a monthly antique market in OC, and there are many vendors that sell vintage cameo for good price.. You can find them in any colors. I am sure if you find one you like, you or maybe Cathy can make a necklace for you with it. I am going this Sunday, do you want me to check them out for you?

isabel said...

Rachel - Maybe I can find a vintage cameo brooch, then you can work it into your existing necklaces.... If you are interested, let me know the what color you like... It's not expensive at all, from $20-$50...

litlstrawberry said...

Wow...that cheap?? But, Isabel: are you sure it is real cameo? I know there is a lot look-alike...hum...of course if you see a real one w/ that great price, please score one for me as I trust your taste.haha......

isabel said...

Rachel - when you said "real", does it mean "real antique cameo" and not "vintage-look like cameo from the current days"? The cameos I saw from the antique market are mostly from the 40s, 50s, and 60s carved from sea shells...

litlstrawberry said...

I think that's it. Seashell or banded used to carve or mold the portrait to be cameo.

I mean Vintage cameo is really like 50 yr. old...but of course, as long as it is a pretty cameo, I def. will like it.


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