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16 January, 2013

A Wish-List: 2013 On going project for myself.

I have my spring 2013 wish-list ready but I am not ready to share them with you.  


BECAUSE I am in the process of trying very hard to shrink them down to 10 pieces.... lol... Please bare with me, as long as I have the 10 Must-haves, I will reveal them here. 

However, I still have something that substantial enough to share with you and I am sure those pieces will keep me warm and snuggled throughout the chilly winter.

1. Ombre' pink and orange scarf by LEIGH & LUCA
2. Cashmere sweater by equipment
3. Quilted olive green coat with detachable beads on the hood by S' Max Mara 
4. Cotton and leather leggings/pants by Vaguel Allegra 
5. Puzzle leather fuchsia high top with gold cap-toe with Joey Found hand-embellished studs/acrylic Cross design






Keep warm and stay healthy!
xoxo Rachel 

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