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18 January, 2013

Modern Pop Art Fashion (Part I)!

It is almost my dear friend, Cathy, birthday. Thus, a celebration is a must!!  We love all sorts of celebration, it is a perfect excuse for us to get together, an excuse to buy new clothes, and an excuse to do extra chores in the house while anticipating the upcoming girls' night out. lol... Our non-conventional celebration is each birthday girl have to pick a theme for us to dress up and a restaurant for attending the party. 

This time, Cathy picked POP ART as the theme. Ugh~~~~ You know it is a tough one, right? Tough for me in a sense that when is the last time I wore a GIANT logo or a printed popular idol on me... hum... I pondered so long that I cannot recall at all. NO,... nada...never!! Therefore, the only approach for me is patterns, bright colors and modern and substantial enough to spot it right away as POP ART. 

Obviously, the outfit I worn today is my modern attempt into the pop art world. I clashed all popular patterns of chains, stripes, argyle and bows. I love my outfit and I think it is very daring. However, it is not as fun and bright as I expected.  Therefore, I am back to where I started, grrr...... nothing. I will have to come up something really bright and absolutely no commercial prints ASAP for this saturday!!!  And for sure I will share our POP ART outfits with you after Saturday! Stay Tuned!!!! 

 photo IMG_1608_zpsbf955ebf.jpg

 photo IMG_1598_zps44378184.jpg

 photo IMG_1594_zps9690dbf6.jpg

 photo IMG_1591_zpsf9759238.jpg

 photo IMG_1613_zpsf98ffa9f.jpg
vintage links shirt, Zara past season striped blazer (crop off sleeves), Alexis Mabille bow printed high waisted pants, equipment chartreuse cashmere V neck sweater, Kron for KronKron shoes, Alexander MQ clutch, men's tie.

Enjoy a pop color weekend. 
xoxo Rachel 


Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

Hi Rachel,

I somehow came upon your blog and spent the whole weekend browsing through your posts. Very amazing that you are a mom and yet still look so good and have such inspiration to put amazing outfits together.
Jealous of all the Chanel flaps you have. All the resissue's. :)
Also love seeing your travel photos as I often visit the same place and it's nice to see where I can visit the next time I visit.

Continue the good work with your blog and family. I am going to follow you and come back to visit.

Cheers, Jacquie

Rachel Cheng said...

Thank you, dear Jacquie. I enjoy all the inspiration I surf on the Internet and then implement the idea with my clothes. It's fun, isn't it!? I update my FB instantly almost every hour/everyday but not on my blog lately. But I ll try to catch up my fast paced life activities for my blog since I know there is friend out there like u waiting to get inspired too. ^_^

Have a fab. Day!

Xo Rachel

Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

I have a question for you Rachel. :)
I like your Shui Chen sweater and thinking of getting one myself. I get itchy easily from mohair, etc..
Is the material on this Shui Chen sweater made of wool/cashmere? Is it itchy? soft? Comfy?
Your feedback would be great.
thanks, J

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Jacquine:
it is Alpaca wool, but lined with charmuse. If u are talking about the crawl neck sleeveless sweater not the poncho I later scored! If u are interested, go to her website and tell her u are my friend from blog and maybe she can give u a friend discount! ^_^



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