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No Heels Weekend in SF city.

I notice I didn't wear heels while we stayed in the city over the weekend. I guess we just walked around a lot in the city compare to the time we walk in the suburban. It is always easy to find a parking space in the suburban thus the driving becomes a habit. 

There are lots of private sales going on and one of the most exciting one is Maje and Sandro in Bloomingdales. I bought a mint green top from Sandro and a linen casual shorts from Maje last weekend. Make sure you check it out before it goes on Public sales. :) 

I am waiting for sofa and some other small furnitures to be delivered to our apartment in the city. Until then, I decided I should wait cause I don't want our apartment in the city looks like a furniture showroom. A dinning table, a nice bed and a TV are enough to enjoy a cozy night in the city for now. 

Free people top, Lilith wide leg pants with oversized pocket, mustard yellow cropped cardigan, Sheer socks, Anne Valerie Hash oxford, Hermes Horn earrings, Hermes extra large bracelet, Hermes Rubis Lindy 30 CM
Limedrop cloud cardigan, silk tank, black romper with charms, Hermes Gris tourterelle 35 Birkin, Tod's flat, Elfi Altendorfer handcrafted bracelet  (link here) 

{didn't bring any heels to pair with today's look, thus Chanel camellia flip flop is my only choice. +_+}

Mint green body suit from Sandro, Topshop printed pencil skirt with slip at center, Lilith pin strips linen blazer, gold coins necklace by Lub Lub by LS (link here) 


HappyFaceKat said…
I love the mint green top. It's such a soft yet right color. May I ask, how comfy are the Chanel jellies? I'd love to hear your review. Thanks in advance!

Rachel Cheng said…
Hi Kathy:
I like CHanel jellies for its pinkish nude color and the pedigree history of their iconic camellia. No doubt it is flattering anyone when worn on the feet. If I compare Chanel jellies with Valentino bow flip flop, i'd say Valentino is more practical with its durable PVC and wider foot molding. I guess I have wider feet/toes from practicing Yoga for quite some time so I like valentine's flip flop better. One of the big cons of Chanel jellies is the petals tend to fall off if squeezed as I travel a lot and I packed them in my suitcase before. However, I still love them nevertheless. ^O^

That being said, go for it. pamper your feet and pamper your jellies properly.

xo Rachel
HappyFaceKat said…
Thank you for your review. I also have slightly wider feet, so thank you for letting me know the comparison between Chanel and Valentino. I also practice a lot of yoga, and that's especially when I wear flip flops! Thanks again, Rachel!


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