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23 May, 2012

Food for Your Soul - art!

I am a city girl but once a while, a total seclusion from the crowd is needed. I need that isolation for recharging myself and I also need the exercise to renew my brain activities. Nevertheless, I so need the art to feed my soul.  

What about you? 

Do you think a good piece of art, ( in any form) is worth more than your $4000 Chanel bag or $10,000 Hermes Birkin??  I think if you find an art that inspires you, it's priceless. 

Last weekend I went to Los Altos' art festival after a short retreat from the city.  I really like this kind of arrangement. Now we stay at our suburban house during the weekdays and then I can enjoy city vibe on the weekends. Life is all about balance, right?  Everything in moderation is the key - my dear friend, Isabel, always reminds me of that. 

Here are couple things that attractive to me and I share them with you.  Hope you like them too. 

If you are looking for a statement piece with heavy metal or tribute look, you are in luck here. ^O^  However, you can only procure them in certain stores or at festival for now. 



"...larger, comtemporary Jewelry statements with an Asian/Afro influence..."

I normally won't draw my eyes onto horses painting but this one has that calm and a noble pedigree history look to it. Love it~~ 

S. FUESS original Oil Paintings

Suha Suha art studio (link here)

My daughters' art teacher, Haelee, did this painting. I love her precise, strong and clean illustration.  Primary colors are pretty if you know how, aren't they!! ^O^
This is now under my possession and I will hang this on our new apartment in the city.

Ex-Voto Gown by Jean Paul Gaultier 
I went to De Young Museum for Jean paul Gaultier's Haute Couture exhibition today. 

{ I didn't know what ex-Voto is all about until we went to Sausalito last weekend.  It is a symbol of vow which is popular in south of Italy. They hang those on the wall in a church and each represent a prayer or a wish I guess. }

I had this for a very long time and now I know what Ex-Voto is and especially I saw the pieces sewed on one of Jean Paul Gaultier's dress.  Life is full of surprises, we learn new things everyday. ^O^

Have a good day and enjoy a good art. 
xoxo Rachel 

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