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14 October, 2011

Friends live in LA is having their best fun of shopping at this moment. 


A charity event held in SCP where has a lot of boutiques and shops participate and the stores give their customers 20% off EVERYTHING!!! Thus, couple of my friends are so lucky that they can get their YSL tribute sandals for 20% off with the hottest colors available in this season. Well, I guess I have a pair iridescent taupe Tribute and a pair of Tribtoo pump, I am very content. I shouldn't tantalize myself by looking at all those pretty new colors online, coz "To see is to desire"! {lol.... Mental note... no more lurking...}  Even my son starts noticing his mom, MOI, has quite a shoe collection already. 

Today's inspiration comes from the heels ...... from friend's shopping list..... 


Korea local made faux collar with beads, American Apparel 3D mesh sweater, RLX (Ralph Lauren) wool sweatpants with ribbed ankle, Urban Outfitter gold metal triangle earrings, Korea local made black spiky bracelet, YSL iridescent tribute sandal, Anthropologie polk dot cat's eye sunglasses/PRADA tortoise sunglasses, ZARA kelly green leather oversized clutch! 

Polk dot cat's eye sunglasses is fun... right?

NOTE: Is it time to get a new bra for yourself? ^O^

Grab a deal!!
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love how this outfit looks really cozy but still includes heels! I spend most of my life in heels, so this is important lol

P.S. I see now about Cupertino! Thanks for clarifying things for me! I started a new job 1,5 months ago and things are still so crazy there, I barely have any time to keep up with the news. So yeah, I knew about Jobs but haven't heard much about the rest. Hope things are slowing down for you now!

litlstrawberry said...

Ah, new job!! Nice, I hope u settled with ur new environment too!! We here re back to our normal life and everyone feels safe again( I think)! :)
Yeah, my daughter scool teacher commented my outfit @ sensational", I guess I really like that description! ^\^ i think my outfit is fashionable, adorable and effortless seductive. :)
Have a nice weekend!!
Xo R.

Katherine said...

Love the green clutch on you! Very chic and stylish :)


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