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17 October, 2011

Orange is Fall, Style is Personal!!

 Urban outfitter asymmetrical cut in the back tank, Suzuki Takayuki black shirt jacket with attached scarf and embellishment (I love those versatile and uniquely designed shirt/jacket), boyfriend jeans, Perry Hardy platform two toned sandals, Zara oversized clutch, crazy dog wooden and mixed beads necklace, urban outfitter gold triangle earrings and lots of lots of bracelets. (I figured that you probably know by heart now that what bracelets I wear as a whole set every time. ^O^)

 The ruched details of this shirt/jacket is impeccable. 
 I would think shirt-jacket is pretty trendy and it adds a little laid-back chic look to a plain outfit. 

 Aquabyaqua orange bodysuit, Max Co. textured leather jacket, brown n' white shredded scarf, J crew earrings, floral print mini skirt, Chanel 10' red distressed caviar reissue 226, lots of bracelets. ^_* Strategia leather and suede gray boots 

It is mid October but here in suburban is so warm that I can only enjoy layering in the city!!

Have a good Monday. 
xoxo Rachel 


Betsy C. said...

I really like that back design of the jacket -- nice detail! I've been copying your idea of layering some bracelets too and I never realized it's actually not as cumbersome as I had originally thought! Very fun!

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, Betsy. That black shirt jacket is really understated as you can't see all the embellishment along the attached scarf nor the back ruched gathering unless you look really close or see it in person. ^O^
I am glad that you have fun playing with your jewelry and it really is fun when you can wear a lot of your collection in one arm. ... hhaa....

Oh, hopefully you get to put the grill press in good use soon.
xo Rachel


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