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03 October, 2011

Home Decorative Accent Rug.

Yesterday we took kids to downtown Los Altos for their fall festival. Unexpected but happily found a shearling stenciled zebra-print accent rug for my house.

I tried on this shearling boots, it is unbelievable soft and warm inside. 
(You can find those boots here. )

How about a shearling rug for your pet? ^O^

Ooh la la ~~
Another instant home-look upgrade...cow-hide stenciled zebra accent rug. 

Here is the link where I purchased mine. 

Here are another links that my friend, Jennifer, provides me on FB. for the same cow-hides deal and a lot more color-wise choices. {just click on those highlights}

Keep updating the look for your home. 
xoxo Rachel 

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