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06 October, 2011

A Moment of Self-induledging!

Yesterday is our most drastic day here in suburban, Cupertino and if you watched the news, you'd know what happened. 

Hubby and I think yesterday is probably the only time that city "Cupertino" is ever being mentioned in the news more than "New York" city. Well,..... The weather certainly is cooling down in San Francisco and so is here, Cupertino. I finally have the strong anticipation to wear this Marni wool-felt coat and Valentino studded taupe heels.  

Hum... I certainly have a thing for studs, don't I!!?

The shoulder has a profound cutting which is trendy and even be seen on a lot of blouses, or shirts such as over-sized shirts.  You definitely can wear those shirts as a blouse or as a light jacket/cardigan for more versatile choices. {I am wearing my Haider Ackermann  oversized shirt as a jacket today and I will post my ODJ later.} 

Seem to be a perfect pair, right?

Cozy yourself up!
xoxo Rachel 


Mona P said...

Perfect and absolutely gorgeous pair! :) Love both coat and the Valentino heels!

Pls post the pics of the outfit in one of your next posts.

James Michael White said...

You're on a stud frenzy Rachel. LOVE those shoes!

litlstrawberry said...

ha, this weekend def. can wear those babies to SF city. ^O^

xo Rachel

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What happened in Cupertino?

Love the studded Valantinos!


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