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10 October, 2011

9 to 9 Chic, Alexa Chung for Madewell!!

Yes, I need to look chic from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M and from Sunday to Saturday. I seldom take a break from fashion unless I am dead. { make sense, right?} 

My girl friends and I are planning a Vegas trip in Nov. In fact, we are all set to go for we already had our plane tickets confirmed and hotel booked. Now, it's time to arrange our 3-day-looks during our stay in the sin city!!!! 

The other day Pei is talking to me about this Alexa Chung collaboration with Madewell and she has ordered couple pieces online which she is sort of like and dislike for many reasons. I personally am not too fancy about "celebrity's collaboration" in RTW as I distinguish them apart from amateurs, somewhat professionals and very professionals in what they do. I appreciate designers for their genius works, passion and true talents so that leave me skeptical about the idea of putting "celebrities' style" on the apparel business. 

Well, all that being said is I have to at least try something on of this Alexa Chung collection to do the justices. Fair enough, right? 

I fall in love with this ivory wool/Mohair and contrasting trim cardigan for its resemblance to the cardigans from Chanel. {She does love Chanel, doesn't she? Besides, Alexa reminds me of my Valentino Rock studs heels as well since she seems very fond of that heels too.}  (Cardigan at $158)

Look 1 
Classic is basic. 

Chanel 06' black short sleeve cotton tee (Gifted by Renee), Alexa Chung for Madewell ivory cardigan, Kate Spade cropped peacoat, Vintage find pleated skirt, Chanel 09' Chanel crown brooch, 09' mash booties, Urban outfitter gold triangle earrings. 

Look 2
Accessories make your look fun and chic. 

Urban outfitter gold metal triangle earrings $22, Chanel 2010 brooch. 
{I pin the Alexa Chung for Madewell cardigan on KateSpade peacock cropped jacket for extra detail.}

Chanel 10' ivory medium/large classic bag and Valentino rockstuds taupe heels 2011

I like this look the best.. particularly because of the heels!! 

Look 3 
Baseball player {except I am not!! lol........}

Give me a bat, I can strike a baseball player pose to the perfection!!
Cashmere striped scarf, Chanel 08' star brooch, Chanel garden tweed bag 11', Joey found hand embellished spiky leather on Converse, Hermes Croc. belt 

Her style is profound and this whole "Alexa Chung for Madewell" collection is pretty much her signature style in miniature. Well, I like it~~ ^O^

Pair your looks with different shoes for a heck of fun...
xoxo Rachel 

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