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25 October, 2011


Vibrant colored pants
Marni (pink) 

Marni (gold yellow)

{I thought only me wearing the Marni pants crooked... the pockets tend to pop out and iron-pressed line seems unaligned with the thighs!!}

Jewel Tone


Maxi pleats

Golden glamour 

pop up poppy red

Luxe. fur and prints

(above imagines from

Fall wearable fur

Sheer black for Halloween 

(Who what

Mixing bold print 

Yellow + Green = Fabulous 

Last one for fun~~~
With Prabal Gurung in the middle.
{Ok... grr.. what was I thinking, my outfit??!! lol...} 

Well, hope you had fun here... 
xoxo Rachel 


James Michael White said...

Wow! So many stylish looks Rachel, but my favorite is definitely your take on the mixed bold prints.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mike, yeah, it is fun to look back how did I interpret those runway look to realistic way... ^O^ I think I must agree with you that I like mixed print look very much... kinda an unexpected but it works.
thanks for checking back my blog.
xo Rachel


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