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01 October, 2012

Weekend in San Francisco.

San Francisco is considered having the best weather in United States but New York is probably the best city to experience what distinctive four seasons should be. While my friend and I were in New York, people told us that they can tolerant the cruel and cold winter in New York just fine but wish it is shorter!!  One of the ladies we chatted while dined at Le Bernadine said that "The longer the winter gets, the deeper the depression she becomes." lol... I guess 5 months cold winter time is quite long including those snowy days.  

Well, just count our blessings that we are pretty lucky here in California.  We have choices whether or not we want a snow flight, or a ski trip, we simply hop in our van and drive our way to pay a visit on Lake Tahoe or Colorado for a ski trip. 


Dries Van Noten blouse 2012, Preen leather pants with brats, Stella McCartney jacquard blazer, Givenchy chain boots. 

xoxo Rachel 

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