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14 October, 2012

In your Comfortable color!

What does comfortable ensemble mean to me? Hum... something cotton, something silk and definitely something still looks stunning on me when put together. When I found something flatters me, I wore it a lot...a lot in a way that I wore it couple or several days in a roll. I pair it in so many ways that my friend can never forget I have that piece of clothes that I treasure so much. ^O^ Simply, I feel it and they'll see it too. 

If you ever receive compliments on a particular color or any outfit, wear it more often. That will not only give you a good mood but also boost your confidence. So why not wear it more often, right? I am a sucker for any shade of green given at current state and I am surprised that this Dries Van Noten printed blouse is so versatile that I can also pair it with my Topshop forest green shorts I found at Barcelona last year.  Aren't we all tend to buy the clothes in similar colors over and over again? But I am glad that my wardrobe is not filled with black and white ....... ( Of course, nothing wrong with that, it's just I believe there must be one shade of rainbow colors that flatters everyone.) Yup, now, go find your color and wear it more often. Make it YOUR color. 

Dries Van Noten runway 2012 printed blouse, Raoul leather front and two tone tank, Kapital cotton blazer, Topshop green shorts, Givenchy chain boots, Taki watch, Alaia red laser-cut tote 


Find your color and wear it often. 
xoxo Rachel 

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